How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 15 2012

"... ___ gloom of night" (postal motto) NOR
"Have we ___?" MET
"Once upon a midnight dreary" poet POE
"Time is money," for one ADAGE
"What ___ friends for?" ARE
A bit flushed, colorwise REDDISH
An ideal, in Chinese philosophy TAO
Bill in a till TEN
Bisque holder TUREEN
Bother, in a title of The Bard ADO
Brown ermine STOAT
Buenos ___ AIRES
Camel's hump, mostly FAT
Cattle ranch critter STEER
Character in "The Matrix" NEO
Cheesy pasta dish LASAGNE
Clique's attitude ELITISM
Clumsy type OAF
Computer data INPUT
Contra ___ (California county) COSTA
Costa ___ Sol DEL
Cut, as a surgeon INCISED
Dentist's expertise TEETH
Do some dodging EVADE
Driver's licenses, say (Abbr.) IDS
Element of Times Square NEON
Examine closely PERUSE
Fair ___ (copyright issue) USE
Firemen's burden BLAZINGFIRE
Fleming who created Bond IAN
Gallow's loop NOOSE
Gross, to children ICKY
Hallow ending? EEN
Have the wedding invalidated ANNUL
Historic time ERA
Hit the mall SHOP
Hull caulking OAKUM
Ill-treated workers PEONS
It's used to conceal actual plans SMOKESCREEN
JFK screen info ETA
Joplin at Woodstock JANIS
Kick ___ storm UPA
Lee who "nobody doesn't like" SARA
Left ventricle exit AORTA
Leg's partner ARM
Legendary Himalayan humanoid YETI
Like stock without face value NOPAR
Lloyd's of London, e.g INSURER
Looks intently GAZES
Luau locale LANAI
Made corrections to AMENDED
Mexican snacks NACHOS
Midterms and finals EXAMS
Mins. add up to them HRS
Mount Sinai phenomenon BURNINGBUSH
Name change indicator NEE
Notation on an invitation RSVP
Obliging replies YESES
Octagonal-sign command STOP
One of the Simpsons JESSICA
One trying to stay up while going down SKIER
Open, as a package UNBOX
Part of a gearwheel COG
Priest's garb ALB
Prized mushroom MOREL
Responded on "Jeopardy!" ASKED
Retire for the night TURNIN
Rhododendron variety ROSEBAY
Risk growing a long nose, like Pinocchio LIE
Straight up ERECT
They're usually washed separately DARKS
Track of a wild animal SPOOR
Transom site DOOR
Turkish chief AGA
Venetian rulers of old DOGES
Western with Elvis FLAMINGSTAR
Word with "aid" or "age" LEGAL
Yosemite ___ SAM
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