How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 10 2018

"... wish ___ a star" upon
Airport abbr arr
An outstanding crossword solver you
Armadillo's plate scute
Bond's Fleming ian
Brewery opening? micro
Casual Richard's favorite toon? rickeymouse
Casual Richard's job at the theater? ricketagent
Casual Richard's old jukebox? rickelodeon
Casual Richard's old-style pants are .. rickers
Casual Richard's yard marker? ricketfence
Chester ___ Arthur alan
Civil War side (abbr.) csa
Common explosive tnt
Common Market abbr eec
Country music's McEntire reba
Defeated convincingly routed
Deplaning gift in Hawaii lei
Desmond's sitcom co-star redd
Director's take scene
Donahue of an old sitcom elinor
Downhill racer sled
Dull pain ache
Early school lesson abc
Elaborate lyric poems odes
Emulate Buck Showalter manage
Feeling of rage ire
Females shes
Fierce resentment rancor
Frosty air quality nip
Fuel gas ethane
Garfield's predecessor hayes
General battle war
Half of a lively dance cha
Historic sailing vessel pinta
Horrific smell fetor
In a beach chair seated
Large migratory birds geese
Least high lowest
Macho, muscular types hemen
Make analogies liken
Modern cribs? homes
Money in Mexico peso
Mountaineering Himalayan sherpa
Mouse spotter's utterance eek
Mouth dabber napkin
Musical by Elton John aida
Nasal appraisals aromas
Noted period era
Old Athens foe sparta
Poetic Ireland erin
Point in the right direction orient
Poker term see
Quite focused, as attention rapt
Rationale basis
Regard as deem
Safari antelope eland
Senselessly silly inane
Shakespearean sprite ariel
Skylit mall feature atrium
Some post office machines sorters
Start to stink? ess
Suffix with "symbol" ism
Suicide squeeze stat rbi
Super-skimpy swimsuit thong
Switch words? offs
Three-person card game skat
Tilted aslant
Toadying dudes yesmen
Traps snares
Twenty-ninth U.S. president harding
Uneven, as gnaw marks erose
Where contractors dig site
Whole number integer
With less on? nakeder
Wound reminders scars
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