How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 17 2001

''--- Jury'' (Spillane work) ITHE
''--- Little Tenderness'' TRYA
''All Quiet on the Western Front'' subj. WWI
''Doonesbury'' creator Trudeau GARRY
''Jeopardy!'' host Trebek ALEX
''The Right Stuff'' role GLENN
--- nor hair HIDE
20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet RESH
A Sesame Streeter BERT
Actor Cary of ''Twister'' ELWES
Actor Mineo SAL
Aerosmith lead singer TYLER
Arctic mass FLOE
Around-the-world journalist BLY
Author Bacon or Ephron DELIA
Averse LOATH
B equivalent CFLAT
Bacchanalia ORGY
Bartlett relatives BOSCS
Battle scars WOUNDS
Bit of a merry refrain TRALA
Breakfast buffet choice CANADIANBACON
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Buffalo professional skater SABRE
Celie portrayer in ''The Color Purple'' WHOOPI
Certain access code PIN
Certain professional athlete ASTRO
Charon's river STYX
Chastise REBUKE
Classic mail-order name SEARS
Composer Rorem NED
Concorde, e.g. SST
Cribbage pieces PEGS
Currier's companion IVES
Danish alternative ENGLISHMUFFIN
Dashboard instruments, for short TACHS
Debtor's marker IOU
Diarist Frank ANNE
Domino dot PIP
Double-deck card game CANASTA
Down-to-earth FOLKSY
Downsizer's task AXING
Emollient extract ALOE
Enthusiastic approval ECLAT
Everything THEWORKS
Exaggeratorâs suffix EST
Experiment TEST
Eye protectors LIDS
Filched STOLE
First-stringers ATEAM
Flight-school test SOLO
Foil cousin EPEE
Fountain treat SHAKE
Fountain treats SODAS
Fourth of July sound BANG
Future chicks OVA
Future eagle EGG
Garner EARN
Gathered dust SAT
Generous gift-giving LARGESSE
Geneva poker pot? SWISSSTAKE
Ghost town's mayor or police chief? NOONE
Gidget, off screen SANDRA
Grad student's grilling ORALS
Griffey of baseball KEN
Half of a notorious film duo CLYDE
Hang loosely SAG
Hither's companion YON
Host's request RSVP
In and of itself PERSE
Incision SLIT
Indigenous Canadian CREE
Inheritor under primogeniture ELDEST
Ira Gershwin contribution LYRIC
It might be quick SAND
Judicial togs ROBES
Kennedy Library architect PEI
Kenyan adventure SAFARI
Kernel SEED
Kind of builder BODY
Kind of market or media MASS
King of the Huns in myth ATLI
Label info SIZE
Lake bird LOON
Legal defense ALIBI
Legendary FABLED
Light on one's feet SPRY
Like Helen Keller DEAF
Like Pliny ELDER
Loesser musical ''The Most Happy ---'' FELLA
Madrid votes? SPANISHAYES
Make a boo-boo FLUB
Mercury or Saturn AUTO
Mexican painter Rivera DIEGO
Middle age, roughly FORTY
Misfortune WOE
Moccasin without laces SNAKE
Modem attachment PHONELINE
Movie lioness ELSA
Mr. Chips' chips FRENCHFRIES
Much-used computer key ENTER
NASDAQ alternative NYSE
Neighbor of Hong Kong MACAO
Neon and butane GASES
No-goodniks SOANDSOS
Number of sides of an ''alto'' sign OCHO
One of the Cartwrights HOSS
Onion sections LAYERS
Opposite of baja ALTA
Path for an Athens bride? GREEKAISLE
Peddle VEND
Petunia's partner PORKY
Place to hold a derby? HATBOX
Pool-room triangle RACK
Presented, as a problem POSED
Quaint oath EGADS
Raised in Rome? ITALIANBRED
Remove the rind PARE
Reposes RESTS
Reuben ingredient SWISSCHEESE
Ring leader, once ALI
Russian writer Maksim GORKI
Sauce for pasta PESTO
Self starter? HER
Shocked responses GASPS
Shot glass PONY
Something to break into SONG
Southwestern natives UTES
Spahn or Moon WARREN
Sponsorship AEGIS
Summer house VILLA
Sums it all up TOTALS
Talker for 34-across MEL
The two in London ENS
They may break the ice? ESKIMOS
Thick-skinned beast RHINO
Thickish piece SLAB
Timeline segment ERA
Topaz or ruby GEM
Twain portrayer Holbrook HAL
U.S. offering to investors TBILL
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Underhanded SLY
Unforeseen obstacle HITCH
Wait in the shadows LURK
Wayne film ''--- Bravo'' RIO
What a wet sponge may be used as MOISTENER
What some comments are off of CUFF
Wheeling's river OHIO
Where Parisians come and go ORLY
Wine consideration AGE
Words to a infamous traitor ETTU
Work unit ERG
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