How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Nov 08 2002

"... and another thing" ALSO
"... with ___ in sight" NOEND
"... ___ and not heard" SEEN
"Beau ___" (Cooper classic) GESTE
"Don Giovanni," for one OPERA
"Father ___" (1964 Cary Grant film) GOOSE
"It Must Be Him" singer Vikki CARR
"Looks ___ everything" ARENT
"Norma ___" (1979 film) RAE
"That's a ___!" (director's cry) WRAP
"___ Bravo" (Wayne film) RIO
"___, medium or well-done?" RARE
''--- do that?'' (Urkel's question) DIDI
''Carmina Burana'' composer Carl ORFF
''Do Ya'' rock grp. ELO
''Ma Bell'' ATT
''Now --- seen everything!'' IVE
Actress Blair or Evans LINDA
Address giver ORATOR
Aer Lingus land EIRE
Agitated condition SNIT
Airplane fronts PROWS
Alternative to black and white SEPIA
Andres of classical Spanish guitar SEGOVIA
Aphrodite's boy EROS
Aphrodite's son EROS
Art that's definitely off the wall? TATTOOS
Authoritative proclamation EDICT
Bachelor of ___ ARTS
Backyard nesters WRENS
Bad guy's look SNEER
Bad reputation ILLFAME
Belmonts frontman DION
Between ports ASEA
Bit of flooring TILE
Blows one's top HASACOW
Bulldog of Connecticut ELI
Cairo Opera House location NILE
Cap for a Little Rascal BEANIE
Cause to beam ELATE
Certain act RIOT
Certain garden tool user HOER
Certain great ape, for short ORANG
Certain willow OSIER
Choose by popular vote ELECT
Cleaned up BATHED
Conditional words ASIF
Container that holds mystery gifts GRABBAG
Copier-cartridge contents TONER
Country singer Jackson ALAN
Crystal balls, e.g. ORBS
Delinquent PASTDUE
Dick and Harry's partner TOM
Dispatch boat AVISO
Do a greenhouse job REPOT
Early Icelandic prose EDDA
Echoing taboo NONO
Edit menu option UNDO
English composer Thomas ARNE
Engraved marker STELE
Enjoying continuing success ONAROLL
Etch, in a way SANDBLAST
Even splits HALVES
Extract by force WREST
Fit for a king REGAL
Flowery perfume scent LILAC
Follows as a consequence ENSUES
Fore's opposite AFT
Freshwater duck TEAL
Frightfully strange EERIE
Gives the goad-ahead? PRODS
Goblet feature STEM
Have a high-wire disaster LOSEONESBALANCE
Hold the floor ORATE
Holds back nothing LAYSITONTHELINE
In plain view OVERT
Ingenious Whitney ELI
Joie de vivre ELAN
Juicy fruits PAPAYAS
Jury member, theoretically PEER
Kind of school PREP
Kissin' cousin, for one RELATIVE
Lamb kebab holder SKEWER
Larger-than-life EPIC
Leno and Letterman, e.g. HOSTS
Lethargic marsupial KOALA
Like a pretty lass BONNY
Like tae kwon do KOREAN
Like the guy in front AHEAD
Long narrow inlet RIA
Maiden name lead-in NEE
Main points GISTS
Moving busily about ASTIR
Muscat's nation OMAN
Norse goddess married to Balder NANNA
Not easily affordable UPMARKET
Oater actor Richard EGAN
Oft-skinned joint KNEE
Old song "Abdul Abulbul ___" AMIR
One who shows off his education PEDANT
Opt not to fold SEE
Outdated OLD
Parrot's beak part CERE
Phoenician trading center of old TYRE
Pirate ship feature PLANK
Prefix with "net" or "national" INTER
Proceed along a route WEND
Receptacle on a desk, perhaps PENHOLDER
Remarkable deeds FEATS
Right-angled plumbing joint ELL
Romano and Milland RAYS
Sagarmatha alias EVEREST
Salutes HAILS
Schoolyard challenge DARE
See 24-Across THEMARBLES
Settles in NESTS
She's raggedy ANN
Sibling's offspring, perhaps NIECE
Silklike fabric RAMIE
Singer Bonnie RAITT
Sold chances RAFFLED
Sounded, as a trumpet BLEW
Sport in which belts are awarded KARATE
Stage furnishing PROP
Star-crossed lover in Shakespeare ROMEO
Stew vegetable PEA
Sub station? DELI
Swift-footed FLEET
Syringe contents, perhaps SERUM
Tastes gently SIPS
Tempts fortune (with 47-Across) GOESFORALL
Triumph outright WINHANDSDOWN
Trumped-up story LIE
Tummy tissues TRIPES
TV dinner morsel PEA
Uncanny, and a bit spooky EERIE
Unhurried gait LOPE
Unit of corn EAR
Unknown author (Abbr.) ANON
Unnecessarily extreme SEVERE
Waste-maker of adage HASTE
Word in a Gibson film title LETHAL
Word with curtain or fist IRON
Working colonists ANTS
You could get hit there VEGAS
Zeno's home ELEA
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