How many letters in the Answer?

Universal May 09 2008

''Go, team, go!'' and others YELLS
''Kick it up a notch'' exclamation BAM
Ablaze LIT
Agency of the U.N. DCCP
Almost here NEAR
Arctic transport SLED
Aspen runners SKIS
Bag lunch eater? HORSE
Banned pesticide DDT
Bearded animals GNUS
Behave theatrically EMOTE
Belief ISM
Build up, as a fortune AMASS
Carter of ''Gimme a Break!'' NELL
Cause for stitches GASH
Certain Dutch cheese GOUDA
Coal container BIN
Computer operator USER
Constellation north of Taurus PERSEUS
Corn oil products OLEOS
Corsica neighbor ELBA
Definite article THE
Doo-wop number, e.g. OLDIE
Draw new boundaries REMAP
Earth's outer layer CRUST
Elicit chuckles from AMUSE
Find not guilty ACQUIT
Get the soap out of your eyes RINSE
Gland parts ACINI
Grazing place LEA
Greek meeting place STOA
Group of two DYAD
Haphazard SLIPSHOD
Hungarian meat stew GOULASH
Ice mass BERG
Install, as floor tiles LAYDOWN
Large number SLEW
Love, in French AMOUR
LSD, colloquially ACID
Maneuverable, at sea YARE
Middle of a doughnut HOLE
Miscellanea ASSORTMENT
Mythical monster OGRE
Narrow vents SLITS
Ocean occurrence TIDE
One-time growth regulator ALAR
Part of a Western saddle HORN
Patchwork work CRAZYQUILT
Pesto ingredient BASIL
Public speech ORATION
Put a damper on DETER
Put on an unhappy face SCOWL
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Snapper in a bowl? CENTER
Sound on Old MacDonald's farm OINK
Start of a J.F.K. quote ASK
Sticky matter GOOP
Sundial hour III
Take apart UNDO
They may rally CRIES
Trike riders TOTS
Turkey's largest city ISTANBUL
UFO, on a jetfighter's radar (Var.) BOGIE
Unflappable CALM
Varied collection SALMAGUNDI
Volcanic rock BASALT
Walk of life CAREER
Weather map regions LOWS
Went like the dickens TORE
When many doors open NINE
Where military forces are prohibited, briefly DMZS
Winetaster's consideration YEAR
Wingless, extinct bird MOA
Word with ''screen'' or ''teen'' IDOL
Yearning EAGER
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