How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 18 2003

''Art of the Fugue'' composer BACH
''CD'' follower ROM
''Come ---?'' AGAIN
''Constant Craving'' singer KDLANG
''Diff'rent Strokes'' star Coleman GARY
''Enter the Dragon'' star LEE
''Have You Seen ___'' (The Chi-Lites) HER
''I don't think so'' NAH
''Knockin' on Heaven's Door'' singer BOBDYLAN
''Macbeth'' trio HAGS
''Madama Butterfly'' accessory OBI
''Robinson Crusoe'' locale ISLE
''Tattered Tom'' author ALGER
''The Island of the Day Before'' author ECO
''Tosca'' tune ARIA
--- about (circa) ONOR
Abstract composer Satie ERIK
Act as arbiter RULE
Aerie builder EAGLE
Albanian coin LEK
Among the quick ALIVE
Anthony Burgess novel (with ''A'') CLOCKWORKORANGE
Architect's offering PLAN
At what time WHEN
Austrian peak ALP
Ball game purchase, perhaps BEER
Banned apple spray ALAR
Battleship score HIT
Between lather and repeat RINSE
Bicuspid part ROOT
Biological remake CLONE
Birthday candle giveaway AGE
Bite result, perhaps ITCH
Brunei coin SEN
Cabinet department since 1977 ENERGY
Caesar's welcome AVE
Cagey SLY
Calmness of heart PEACE
Cameo stone ONYX
Capital of the Beaver State SALEM
Caravan pit stop OASIS
Chick's sound PEEP
Cobbler's replacements SOLES
Cognize KNOW
Complete collection SET
Country club figure PRO
Creator of Nero the detective REX
Desperado hunters POSSE
Dry gulches ARROYOS
Dubai leaders EMIRS
Early timepiece HOURGLASS
Efflorescence FLOWER
Elevator innovator Elisha OTIS
Empowered ABLE
Expression of pride? ROAR
Far from ruddy ASHY
Ferber of fiction EDNA
Fleeced SHORN
Fly in a flock, as of wild geese FLIGHT
Freshman, probably TEEN
Genesis resting place ARARAT
Give wolfish looks OGLE
Gold digger's quest? ORE
Grayish in hue ASHEN
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
High-pitched yell SHRIEK
Highly collectible RARE
Hindu teacher GURU
Honey bunch? BEES
Inheritance of the meek EARTH
Irascible EDGY
Jeans topper, often TSHIRT
Kind of ray MANTA
Lamp contents, once OIL
Lawnmower part BLADE
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Like good penmanship LEGIBLE
Liqueur flavoring ANISE
Loch of note NESS
Make cutting blows HEW
Make tracks FLEE
Mamie's man IKE
Marsupial pocket SAC
Matured, like wine AGED
Meddler YENTA
Melt ingredient TUNA
Merchandise WARES
Most excellent FINEST
Most of Iberia SPAIN
Mouth-related ORAL
Normandy battle site STLO
Not carrying a piece CLEAN
Not quite shut AJAR
Notorious cow owner OLEARY
Oliver Twist, e.g. WAIF
One of the Great ones ERIE
Overalls part BIB
Ovid's X's TENS
Paddock pop SIRE
Pang of conscience TWINGE
Part of a combo BASS
Permission SAYSO
Pick up the tab TREAT
Play first with Goren OPEN
Programming pro TECHIE
Quaker word THY
Quebec separatist Levesque RENE
Raise, as a question POSE
Rake over the coals SCOLD
Reason to anchor quickly LEESHORE
Redcoat's foe MINUTEMAN
River crosser FERRY
Rubs the wrong way IRKS
Sandpapery ROUGH
Scull-and-crossbones stuff POISON
Sentence type RUNON
Shape that gets noticed HOURGLASSFIGURE
Sharp as a tack KEEN
She was Lola in ''Damn Yankees'' GWEN
Shock STUN
Shrek, e.g. OGRE
Sidesplitter RIOT
Simoleons BUCKS
Skip over OMIT
Sleeveless garment JUMPER
Slippery-eel link ASAN
Small building block LEGO
Small suitcase WEEKENDER
Some whistle-blowers REFS
Sovereign's deputy VICEROY
Spelunker's worry CAVEIN
Summer TV notation EDT
Tear apart REND
The Soviets' Order of ___ LENIN
Three sheets to the wind LIT
Tiny opening PINHOLE
Tossed over the shoulder SLUNG
Twain hero SAWYER
Unit of force DYNE
Unpaid debt ARREAR
Valerie Harper title role RHODA
Venerable one ELDER
Volcano near Palermo ETNA
Whalebone garment CORSET
Where the buoys are SEA
White Rabbit's cry IMLATE
Working mom's aid DAYCARE
Young horses YEARLINGS
Zilch NIL
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