How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Mar 14 2006

"... ___ and not heard" SEEN
"Ball alert!" FORE
"Capisce?" SEE
"Cheers!" e.g. TOAST
"For ___ jolly good fellow" HESA
"Get comfy" SIT
"If I ___ you ..." WERE
"The ___ and the Pendulum" PIT
"___ a Grecian Urn" (Keats) ODEON
"___ Jing" (classic of the Confucian canon) SHI
"___ Smile" (Hall & Oates) SARA
''... ___ I'm told'' ORSO
''All Quiet on the Western Front'' star Lew AYRES
''Golden Girls'' character ROSE
''Serves you right!'' SOTHERE
''The Sweetest Taboo'' singer SADE
''___ Brockovich'' ERIN
'Til death do us part FORLIFE
1957 Elia Kazan film (with "A") FACEINTHECROWD
A sister of Calliope ERATO
Agile athlete ACROBAT
Alternative to plastic CASH
American wapitis ELKS
An Internet provider AOL
Answering machine button ERASE
Any Buffalo Bills Super Bowl result LOSS
Apply Novocain, e.g. DEADEN
Approx. EST
Arrow launcher BOW
Attachment for rings or roads IDE
Aussie mine find OPAL
Avoid artfully ELUDE
Away from the wind, in sailing ALEE
Bamboo-eaters PANDAS
Board member CHAIRMAN
Bridge bid, perhaps NOTRUMP
Canine moniker FIDO
Cat fancier from Melmac ALF
Certain AFB EDW
Challenge Matt Dillon DRAW
Chum in Chihuahua AMIGO
Chunk of dirt CLOD
City near Bangor ORONO
Cotton capsule BOLL
Coup follower DETAT
Coverage provider, briefly HMO
Cries of discovery AHAS
Cronies CHUMS
Cry of dismay OHDEAR
Dingle Bay locale EIRE
Dirtied SOILED
Elementary studies ABCS
Elvis' expressions SNEERS
Emergency fund, of sorts MADMONEY
Expand, as a highway WIDEN
Fender guitar model, briefly STRAT
Feudal superior LORD
Find its way into the conversation ARISE
Fishing gizmos LURES
Five iron MASHIE
Flynn of film ERROL
Go like hotcakes SELL
Goes downhill WORSENS
Group of plotters CABAL
Have mercy on, in a way SPARE
Horse's pace, perhaps TROT
Hothouse flower, perhaps ORCHID
Humiliate ABASE
Idle comedian? ERIC
In the manner of a slacker IDLY
Increase threefold TREBLE
Indira Gandhi's father NEHRU
Inside tube diameter BORE
It may be used before an accident HORN
Join in marriage UNITE
King Fahd, e.g. SAUDI
Lass in a Hardy tale TESS
Library stamp DATER
Like some Vatican bulls PAPAL
Loosen, as a cap UNTWIST
Lustrous fabric HONAN
Malone or Siegel BUGSY
Met solo ARIA
Mexican assents SISIS
Modern pentathlete's weapon EPEE
Mountain ___ (soft drink) DEW
Movie whale ORCA
Musical discernment EAR
New Zealand bird KIWI
Newborn's outfit LAYETTE
Not far apart, as eyes CLOSESET
Obdurate STONY
Of God, in Latin DEI
Offed, in the Bible SLEW
Old-time oath EGAD
Part of B.C. BEFORE
Perry's creator ERLE
Pitcher or mug parts HANDLES
Place between mountains VALE
Place to see spectacles? BRIDGEOFTHENOSE
Play to the crowd PANDER
Political competition RACE
Postcard feature SCENE
Private dick TEC
Professor's perk TENURE
Pronouncements DICTA
Recede, as a tide EBB
Retreat area CAMP
Roman 1052 MLII
Ruling on a point of Islamic law FATWA
Sculptor's leaf, perhaps FIG
Second son of the first man ABEL
Slangy assent YEAH
Small village HAMLET
Some Christmas trees FIRS
Song part LYRIC
Stand at a banquet DAIS
Stradivari's mentor AMATI
Sukiyaki ingredient, often TOFU
Take a bite of TASTE
Take a puff TOKE
The wild blue yonder ETHER
They constrict BOAS
They fawn over fawns DOES
Things to crack CODES
Third son of the first man SETH
Tokyo of shoguns' era EDO
Took the bait BIT
Type of rug or code AREA
Unfamiliar with UNUSEDTO
Vidal of hair care SASSOON
Violinist Zimbalist EFREM
Way of carrying oneself MIEN
What crooked bank tellers have? HANDSINTHETILL
Where most people are ASIA
Where some butterflies may collect PITOFTHESTOMACH
White House office shape OVAL
White-centered snack OREO
Wine consideration AGE
Woolgatherer's state HEADINTHECLOUDS
Word in a Grimm ending? EVER
Word in some college names TECH
Yank crabgrass WEED
___ culpa MEA
___ Strauss & Co. (jeans company) LEVI
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