How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 25 2004

"Rome ___ built in a day" WASNT
"___ Girls" (1957 musical) LES
"___ my brother's keeper?" AMI
''Able was I ___ ...'' ERE
''Do you mind?'' AHEM
''Don't take another step!'' HALT
''The Divine Comedy'' author DANTE
''What's that I hear?'' HARK
1979 Field role RAE
Alternative OPTION
And so forth ETC
At times, it's a stretch LIMO
Audience to the King of Id's speeches PEASANTS
Aurora alias EOS
Award for Sofia Coppola OSCAR
Bard's medium VERSE
Between jobs IDLE
Big birds EMUS
Bohemian beer PILSNER
Bones' other half? SKIN
Browns meat SAUTES
Bulldoze PLOW
Burro ASS
Butt end ASH
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Cacophonies DINS
Capital near the Caspian Sea TEHRAN
Capitulate YIELD
Carter and Vanderbilt AMYS
Cathy-Crosby connection LEE
Chaucer piece TALE
Come about ARISE
Comedy club reactions HAHAS
Comic actor Romano RAY
Container for pekoe TEACHEST
Copenhagen resident DANE
Crumb IOTA
Curricula vitae BIOS
Cut down ABATE
Davy Jones' locker OCEAN
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Disappoints LETSDOWN
Don't jump this BAIL
Drive critter STEER
Earth parts? ENDS
Endangered whale SEI
Engage one's services HIRE
Expressed in words PHRASED
Fashion arbiter TASTEMAKER
Fishy feature GILL
Flatfish SOLE
Foul-smelling RANCID
Frasier's lost love DIANE
Free people? MASONS
Frenzied RABID
Friend of Deneuve AMIE
Future M.D.'s course PREMED
Garner GET
Garr of ''Tootsie'' TERI
Genealogist's map TREE
Genuine REAL
Gobs of paper REAMS
Hail kin SLEET
Haul, of a kind LOOT
Hawaii's second-largest island MAUI
Hex halved TRI
High school soph, most likely TEEN
High-flying reindeer COMET
In the manner of ALA
In the money RICH
India's first prime minister NEHRU
Ingratiate ENDEAR
It makes evidence inadmissible HEARSAYRULE
It's before one NOON
Its reception is good CABLE
Jordanian capital AMMAN
Just a jot WHIT
Karpov victories MATES
Kind of detector METAL
Last base HOME
Leg bone SHIN
Level-headed SANE
Like much junk mail UNREAD
Look at the answers CHEAT
Magical home LAMP
Magician's command to a person tying ropes TIGHTER
Measure of quality TOUCHSTONE
Minerva's counterpart ATHENA
Misspells or misspeaks ERRS
Molecule part ATOM
Money to play with ANTE
Mother of all battles, to Ajax ERIS
Mr. Preminger OTTO
Muralist Rivera DIEGO
Musical James ETTA
Napoleon slept there ELBA
Near the hour TENTO
Nearly ABOUT
Needle RIDE
Needle's spot, perhaps HAYSTACK
New Testament chronicle ACTS
Nobody's fool SMART
Oater challenge DRAW
Oblivious UNAWARE
One of four in a year SEASON
One on a tirade RANTER
One who may cry uncle? NIECE
Organic compound ENOL
Partial suffix SEMI
Paving block SETT
Physicist's atom ISOTOPE
Place for a grilling PATIO
Plenty LOTS
Poet's creation, like ''have'' and ''shave'' SIGHTRHYME
Postcard's allure VISTA
Pre-college exams, for short SATS
Predicament MESS
Reed under Ozawa OBOE
Register figure TOTAL
Relinquish, as an office DEMIT
Ritzy POSH
Rocker John ELTON
Scot's cap TAM
Series starter MINI
Shore washer TIDE
Singer Sayer LEO
Sound enhancer HEARINGAID
Sound enhancer MIKE
Speedy Atlantic crosser, once SST
Stridex target ACNE
Strongbox document DEED
Surrounding glow AURA
Tabbies CATS
Tests for quality TOUCHSTONES
The best of the best ELITE
They cannot be returned ACES
They may be up against the wall TILES
Turn down DENY
Visit twins? SEEDOUBLE
Water carrier MAIN
Web-ster SPIDER
What some alibis don't pass SMELLTEST
Won't take no for an answer INSISTS
Words said with a flourish TADAS
Worn and torn RATTY
___ de menthe CREME
___ Dhabi ABU
___ polloi HOI
___ -frutti TUTTI
___ Haute, Ind. TERRE
___-friendly USER
___-frutti ice cream TUTTI
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