How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 16 2012

"30 Rock" co-star Baldwin ALEC
"Aladdin" setting ARABIA
"Dancing with the Stars" network ABC
"Drat!" DANG
"Little Red Book" follower MAOIST
"Thrilla in Manila" boxer ALI
"We hold ___ truths to be self-evident" THESE
"___ give you the shirt off his back!" HED
1/100 yen, once SEN
Alaska or Okla., once TERR
Alaskan city NOME
Along the way ENROUTE
Arab princes EMIRS
Away from the bow ASTERN
Barnard College grad, e.g ALUMNA
Be sick AIL
Big ___ (McDonald's sandwich) MAC
Black and white cookie OREO
Blanc of voiceovers MEL
Blithering fool IDIOT
Boston airport LOGAN
California oak ENCINA
Chain of mountains RANGE
Chocolate-yielding tree CACAO
Classic sports film with Kevin Costner FIELDOFDREAMS
Clinched, as a victory ICED
Concealed PERDU
Damage MAR
Draw forth, as something latent EDUCE
Enjoy a good meal EAT
Equip for war ARM
Field measure ACRE
Fixes firmly EMBEDS
Frame of mind MOOD
Fruit type high in vitamin C CITRUS
Fugard's "A Lesson From _____" ALOES
Going to bed for the night HITTINGTHEHAY
Govt. medical agency NIH
Have an inkling SENSE
Hidden supply CACHE
Horse handlers at an inn OSTLERS
Human head, slangily NOGGIN
Intended MEANT
It's suitable for grazing LEA
Lark lookalike PIPIT
Laughing matter? GAS
Made like the big, bad wolf PUFFED
Mispickel or cinnabar ORE
Miss Muffet's morsels CURDS
More prevalent RIFER
Motherless calf, in the Old West DOGIE
Musical piece RONDO
Mythical bird ROC
Napoleon, by birth CORSICAN
One-principle-for-everything theory MONISM
Place a picture on another wall REHANG
Play the part ACT
Post-wedding title MRS
Printing measures ENS
Put into words UTTER
Ranch animal STEER
React with fright CRINGE
Roll an untimely seven (with "out") CRAP
Score derived from an error UNEARNEDRUN
Sleep study measurement REM
Symbol to click on ICON
Thumbed (through), as a book LEAFED
Uses a swizzle stick STIRS
Void of any va-va-voom DRAB
What inline-skate wheels are made of URETHANE
What your dad's brother is to you UNCLE
What's extracted from soil to get oil? ESS
You-here link ARE
___ Lanka SRI
___ of March (ominous date) IDES
___ out (intimidates mentally) PSYCHS
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