How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 14 2011

"The Power of Positive Thinking" author PEALE
"Time ___ time again ..." AND
1860s soldier, informally REB
Affixed with rubber cement GLUED
Aftershock, for one SEISM
Alternatives to Levi's LEES
American dogwood OSIER
Animal in a sty HOG
Baseball official UMP
Boozehounds SOTS
Bring action against SUE
Cookie many take apart OREO
Dance fundamental STEP
Design over REDO
Dog catcher's prey CUR
Emotional poems ODES
Engaged in swordplay DUELED
Essential meaning GIST
Eucalyptus muncher KOALA
Exit the premises LEAVE
Familiarize with a new setting ORIENT
Felt sorry for PITIED
Flamenco dancer's clicker CASTANET
Fly or mosquito INSECT
From time immemorial AGEOLD
Gift from home, to a college student CAREPACKAGE
Halloween cry BOO
Holiday preceder EVE
Horse's wild cousin ASS
Incredibly wide shoe designation EEE
It's its own square ONE
Johnny who played Sweeney DEPP
Killer whale movie ORCA
Lawn-trimming tool EDGER
Light bulb power unit WATT
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Lower, as headlights DIM
Lupino of "High Sierra" IDA
Masseuse's employer SPA
NASA acknowledgement ROGER
New England catches CODS
Old PC monitor type CRT
Old-time anesthetics ETHERS
Ongoing TV show SERIES
Part of a volleyball court NET
Period between stimulus and response TIMELAG
Period's place in a sentence END
Pet similar to a toy? MINIATUREPOODLE
Pet ___ (grievance) PEEVE
Pitfalls TRAPS
Place for a hot-dog stand ROADSIDE
Play a flute casually TOOTLE
Pull behind DRAG
Put blades to blades? MOW
Reunion group KIN
Rich mine deposits LODES
Scrubs for surgery, e.g. PREPS
Search thoroughly SCOUR
Shrek's mate, e.g. OGRESS
Skipped over in speech ELIDED
Soft food for babies PAP
South Carolina's ___ Dee River PEE
SquarePants is one SPONGE
Stay away from AVOID
The ___ history RESTIS
Thickets of small trees COPSES
Topic in first-aid training CPR
What an adjective modifies NOUN
Windpipe TRACHEA
Without assistance SOLO
Without repetition ONCE
Wood used as a moth repellent CEDAR
Word with "head" or "belly" ACHE
___ diem PER
___ nut (wheel fastener) LUG
___-high to a grasshopper KNEE
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