How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jun 03 2008

''... say, and not ___'' ASIDO
''Absolutely Fabulous'' role EDINA
''And that's ___'' (''Believe you me'') NOLIE
''Are you ___ out?'' (poker query) INOR
''Blood and Sand'' accolades OLES
''Egads!'' YIPES
''Fuhgeddaboudit!'' NAH
''Good for what ___ ya'' AILS
''This is ___ of the emergency ...'' ATEST
''Wheel of Fortune'' category EVENT
''___ newt'' (''Macbeth'') EYEOF
''___ Smile Be Your Umbrella'' LETA
1-1, for one TIESCORE
A house may be built on it SLAB
Access for a collier ADIT
Acknowledge a stimulus REACT
Affirms AVERS
Agitated condition SNIT
Alpine sounds ECHOES
Banana danger PEEL
Bitter herb RUE
Black rock BASALT
Bob Marley, for one RASTA
Boyfriends BEAUS
Catches some rays BASKS
Choroid coat location UVEA
Cleans one's plate EATS
Columbus' birthplace GENOA
Diving maneuver or freshwater fish PIKE
Door or drawer doodad KNOB
Dow cousin, briefly SANDP
Ebb's relative NEAP
End of Ripley's slogan NOT
For the missus HERS
Frantic way to run AMOK
Gas burners ETNAS
General acquisition? STAR
Gets started BEGINS
Have a feeling about SENSE
Hodgepodge MISHMASH
Impose, as a tax LEVY
Infamous acid LSD
Insect repellent? SHOO
Isn't just a licensee OWNS
Jorja's ''CSI'' role SARA
Just made it ... ATTHELASTSECOND
Just made it ... BYAHAIRSBREADTH
Just made it ... INTHENICKOFTIME
Lace into ASSAIL
Mermaid feature TAIL
Michael of ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'' DORN
Network owned by Disney ESPN
Not novel TRITE
Open-wide word AAH
Out to pasture, perhaps (Abbr.) RETD
Parson's residence MANSE
Perform penance ATONE
Regarding, in memos ASTO
Related maternally ENATE
Several Monopoly props. AVES
Sharon's cop-show co-star TYNE
Simone of jazz NINA
Single bonus? BSIDE
Some Samuel Adams products ALES
Someone usually brings it up REAR
Squalid urban area SLUM
Strauss of jeans LEVI
Strikes dumb AWES
Synagogue scrolls TORAHS
Tokyo's old name EDO
Type of alcohol ETHYL
Type of wave TIDAL
Wedding promises OATHS
What born losers don't seem to get BREAKS
You might stick a knife in it OLEO
___-fi SCI
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