How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 22 2018

"... ___, blastoff!" one
"Buddenbrooks" novelist mann
"If that's the case ..." then
"Wait ___ Dark" until
"___ Baby Baby" (Ronstadt hit) ooh
"___ the twain shall meet" neer
Attics' kin lofts
Avalon, legendarily isle
Back column? spinal
Balanced, heady sane
Baseball numbers stats
Be hopping mad? leap
Become extinct dieoff
Bibliographic term ibidem
Blessed one saint
Boxer Spinks leon
Bus charge fare
Causing head-scratching hard
Charitable handouts alms
Chicken perch roost
Common drink soda
Conserved energy, in a way turnedoutlights
D.C. vote chasers pols
Dangerous fly tsetse
Divan relative sofa
Drinking binge toot
Fill in update
Focus beginning auto
Full of holes porous
Gp. with spies cia
Hair-removing brand nair
Hemingway title place sea
Herr's helpmate frau
Hilarity glee
Import/export fee tariff
Indian baked breads naans
Indian instrument sitar
Iranian currency rial
Joule part erg
Kinda silly and stupid ninnyish
Like any recliner builtforcomfort
Like many testimonies sworn
Low marshy depression swale
Make soft ice cream? melt
Name for multiple popes paulo
Natural spring spa
Not the whites in the laundry darks
Over, in a way atop
Particle beam particles ions
Pearl City island oahu
Radio type twoway
Recipe abbr tbsp
Ruler's creation line
Santa ___ rosa
Shoppers' helpers lists
South Dakota's capital pierre
Stowed load cache
Suck wind inhale
Swell up bloat
Swiftness haste
They help you stand tall stilts
They're grammatical nouns
Tones hues
Transgresses errs
Turkish money lira
Type of compression lossless
Variety or kind ilk
Was helpful? Far from it madethingsworse
Way, way away far
What to cipher code
Wide do afro
Word after "who," "when" or "how" else
Word for add-ons also
Word with "keg" or "puff" powder
Worker's file rasp
Zeus' blood ichor
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