How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jul 18 2014

"A pox on you!" FIE
"Can't complain" FINE
"CD" follower ROM
"It" game TAG
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"So what ___ is new?" ELSE
"What's the big __ ?" IDEA
67.5 degrees, on a compass ENE
Admonition to some athletes THERESNOIINTEAM
Apollo's twin ARTEMIS
Artist's pigment OCHER
Athletic facilities GYMS
Averages NORMS
Bakery attraction AROMA
Bakery necessity OVEN
Before all others FIRST
Beverage at The Plaza TEA
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Brown shade ECRU
Bunco SCAM
Classic introduction? NEO
Community spirit ETHOS
Countertop heater STOVE
Days long gone YORE
Dejected host's lament THEYREGOINGHOME
Destructive sort SABOTEUR
Dinner crumbs ORTS
Doctrine, for short ISM
Domed home IGLOO
Downy duck EIDER
Erupter of 1971 ETNA
For fellows only STAG
Friendly at parties SOCIABLE
Give the cold shoulder SHUN
Group of rooms SUITE
Heelless shoes FLATS
Hilo souvenir LEI
Isn't for them? ARENT
Italian desserts ICES
Knuckleball catcher MITT
Like some rewards MONETARY
Main bloodline AORTA
Microwave device TIMER
Military group ARMY
Mound of earth BERM
Music genre SOUL
Music halls of old ODEONS
Musical miscellany OLIO
Nautical shout AHOY
Not operating OFF
Oscar Madison, famously SLOB
Painter Hudson NAN
Parrot's beak part CERE
Phrase from a Churchill speech THEIRFINESTHOUR
Place with cobwebs ATTIC
Play a set with the band SITIN
Prefix meaning "four" TETRA
Public to-do SCENE
Quaint hotels INNS
Rise up on hind legs REAR
Showroom model DEMO
Smart-mouthed SASSY
Some digits TOES
Some Rembrandts ETCHINGS
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite" MIRA
Standing straight ERECT
Sunday song HYMN
The Grand Canyon, e.g CHASM
Turkish honorific AGHA
Valhalla bigwig THOR
Verso's opposite RECTO
Ward (off) FEND
Whit or wee bit IOTA
Word with "cross" or "bow" LEGGED
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