How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 30 2002

''Blue Suede Shoes'' writer Perkins CARL
1836 battle site ALAMO
A Caesar SID
A status symbol ROLEX
Antislavery leader Turner NAT
Blood count? DRACULA
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Chest muscles PECS
Come together GEL
Composer Satie ERIK
Con --- (with vigor, in music) BRIO
Cooking fat SUET
Cries of insight AHAS
Cutting sound SNIP
Cutting thrust STAB
Deadly snakes ASPS
Draw to a close WANE
Drooped SAGGED
Elaborate decoration FROUFROU
Elbow-wrist connector ULNA
Endangers MENACES
Fancy footwear, once SPATS
Few and scattered SPARSE
Filly filler OATS
First name in famous art subjects MONA
Flaky mineral MICA
Formally surrender CEDE
Fuel economy letters MPG
Ghastly strange EERIE
Golf standard PAR
Held by a third party, as money INESCROW
Hive members DRONES
Homer's neighbor NED
Hwy. RTE
In-group CLIQUE
Insecticide banned since 1973 DDT
It may be due, get the point? EAST
It's seen at the Olympics FLAME
Jack-in-the-pulpit ARUM
Kind of old story SAME
LBJ's successor RMN
Lieut's superior CAPT
Like Wingfield's menagerie GLASS
Listlessness ENNUI
Medium's method ESP
Microscope sample SMEAR
One way to take a bough LOP
Part of R.S.V.P. VOUS
Pitchman SPIELER
Place where game is protected PRESERVE
Preoccupied with, really OBSESSED
Put a scuff on MAR
Puts forth effort EXERTS
Quaintly attractive CUTE
Reeves of ''Speed'' KEANU
Retrieve GET
Rhine whine? ACH
Rich soil LOAM
Rocks that could be rolling STONES
Seafarers TARS
Served raw TARTARE
Stallone title role DREDD
State one's views OPINE
Stuck in the mud MIRED
Sustenance ALIMENT
Tangoing number TWO
They may be eminent DOMAINS
Think quietly and inwardly REFLECT
Try it on for size APPAREL
Vetoes NOS
Yemeni port ADEN
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