How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 29 2015

"No" vote from a horse? NEIGH
"Road to ___" (Hope-Crosby film) BALI
"___ Care of Business" (rock classic) TAKIN
Abnormal breathing RALE
Acquire through labor REAP
Action film gun UZI
After-bath powder TALC
Army bunch UNIT
Beginning of a plan IDEA
Bishop's garb ROBE
Black-and-white snack OREO
Boat maneuverer OAR
Boat used in Alaska UMIAK
Bogus cure-all SNAKEOIL
Born, in France NEE
Boyfriend BEAU
Bread or liquor RYE
Broad sash OBI
Calendar page DAY
Cantonese fruit (Var.) LITCHI
Carbonated beverage SODA
Cause for inaction, sometimes PHOBIA
Cliff-base rock pile SCREE
Cold-weather coat ANORAK
Consist of, as a plan ENTAIL
Currently possesses HAS
Duck, as an issue SKIRT
Dusting cloth RAG
Evidence of an old injury SCAR
Famous couple of 1981 CHARLESANDDIANA
Farm biddy HEN
Fishhook feature BARB
For the birds? AVIAN
Fork it over PAY
Give assistance to AID
Gorge to the max SATE
Got off the bus, e.g ALIT
Haul, slangily SHLEP
Heep of fiction URIAH
Iraq neighbor IRAN
Kidney-related RENAL
Level charges at ACCUSE
Lichtenstein's forte ART
Loudly weep SOB
Lousy eggs? NITS
Make up one's lines ADLIB
Makes pig noises SNORTS
Many Monopoly props AVES
Medicinal plant SENNA
Mismatched battlers DAVIDANDGOLIATH
Needing a tan, apparently ASHY
Onlooker EYER
Open to the breeze AIRY
Orleans's river LOIRE
Packed, as pistols TOTED
Place to get balmed LIP
Rain cloud NIMBUS
Ran quickly HARED
Relied (upon) DEPENDED
Singed parts, sometimes EDGES
Speeches that lose listeners RANTS
Speed detector RADAR
Strongly encourage EGGON
The L of L-dopa LEVO
They're generally caught at night ZEES
Three, on a sundial III
Tops in cunning SLIEST
Tupperware part LID
TV Western "Kid" CISCO
Wall-climbing lizard GECKO
Windblown box KITE
Window ledge SILL
Window part PANE
Words before "precedent" SETA
Youngstown's state OHIO
___ Major ("The Great Bear" constellation) URSA
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