How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 25 2012

"Aren't we the comedian?" HAHA
"Doubly dead" Poe title girl LENORE
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"No pain, no ___" GAIN
"Yay, home team!" RAH
Accommodate CONCILIATE
Acid-tongued ACERB
Affirmation AVOWAL
Agenda entry ITEM
Amer. military fliers USAF
Anatomical eggs OVA
Architectural column support SOCLE
At a remote point AFAR
At the front of the line NEXT
Bird beaks NIBS
Blender noise WHIR
Blood classification syst ABO
Bohemian ARTY
Book of maps ATLAS
Bring into existence CREATE
British Prime Minister Clement ATTLEE
Colorful location in California ORANGECOUNTY
Colorful location in Kentucky BOWLINGGREEN
Colorful location in New York WHITEPLAINS
Courtroom defenses ALIBIS
Disburses EXPENDS
Dress with some flare ALINE
Echidna's edibles ANTS
Eight fluid ounces CUP
Fashionably nostalgic RETRO
Father, to Li'l Abner PAPPY
Feeling of hunger PANG
Fencing maneuver LUNGE
Formerly, on the wedding page NEE
Gave energy to INNERVATED
Go downhill WORSEN
Half brother of Athena ARES
Harshly extreme SEVERE
In-flight guesstimate, for short ETA
Indiana Jones topper FEDORA
Kind of photography AERIAL
Kind of potato IDAHO
Large lemur INDRI
Leveling tool PLANE
Litigant SUER
Low part of a high top SOLE
Make happy ELATE
Miss America judges, e.g PANEL
Monetary unit of Ethiopia BIRR
Name on many jeans' labels LEVI
No-win situation TIE
None whatsoever NIL
Object of blind devotion IDOL
Past tense of 11-Down ATE
Popular tree type ELM
Questioning word HOW
Rug feature PILE
Sister wearing a habit NUN
Small brook RILL
Small explosive GRENADE
Snack or nosh EAT
Soft palate attachment UVULA
Stalk of asparagus SPEAR
Stuck-up person SNOB
Swiss mountains ALPS
Tax shelter, for short IRA
Tossed serving SALAD
Turkish chief AGHA
Unpopular ink color RED
Utter, biblically SAYEST
Waikiki party LUAU
Wash again RECLEAN
Without beginning or end ETERNAL
Word with "gossip" or "chatter" IDLE
Yard segments FEET
___ Wan Kenobi OBI
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