How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 22 2002

''Citizen Kane'' studio RKO
''O'er the --- we go ...'' FIELDS
'N Sync member LANCE
--- diem CARPE
--- State (Maryland) OLDLINE
Address of the Clampetts CRESTVIEWDRIVE
Address of the Kramdens CHAUNCEYSTREET
Address of the Munsters MOCKINGBIRDLANE
Aspect FACET
Assigned chore TASK
Atlantis letters NASA
Cardiologist's concern AORTA
Clock partner ALARM
Collegiate athletic org. NCAA
Did dishes WIPED
Drew a line in the sand DARED
Eighty-sixed TOSSED
Emeril, for one CHEF
Esteemed campus building HALL
Eye-cosmetic item PENCIL
Fake the run PASS
First name in swimsuit supermodels ELLE
First name in tyranny IDI
Fully matured RIPE
Gay over Hiroshima ENOLA
Gooden game of '96 NOHIT
Hawaiian pounded paste POI
He sings to the man RAT
Home extension? STEAD
In fashion CHIC
Incandescent lamp gas ARGON
Inner contentment PEACE
Iron attachment? CLAD
It falls somewhere every day RAIN
It's a thought IDEA
It's deserted in fantasies ISLE
Keats's ''To Autumn,'' e.g. ODE
Kind of mill RUMOR
Lift off ASCEND
Like King George III MAD
Liverpool pad FLAT
Madison Avenue publication ADWEEK
Mischievous spirit in ''The Tempest'' ARIEL
Moved hesitantly EDGED
Neighbor of Canis Major ORION
Office supply TONER
Pablo Neruda, e.g. POET
Paid ruffian GOON
Render harmless UNARM
Ruth's mother-in-law NAOMI
Safari sight GNU
Sean Lennon's mom ONO
She performed with Duke ELLA
Shell used as South Pacific currency COWRIE
Singer from Ireland ENYA
Skillet dish HASH
Sleeveless garment VEST
Soggy septet SEAS
Some cons assume it ALIAS
Striped whistle-blower REF
Sub chaser? SIDE
Tennessee team VOLS
Tony of ''Taxi'' BANTA
Tub contents, perhaps OLEO
Wear out one's welcome STAY
Welsh rabbit ingredient ALE
Western wolves LOBOS
What a halter top reveals ABS
Where el sol rises? ESTE
Where Macbeth is buried IONA
Word of exclusivity ONLY
Word with all or result END
Word with can or pan OIL
Word with onion or friendship RING
X-ray of the hips feature ILIA
___-de-lys FLEUR
___-Jo (name from the Olympics) FLO
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