How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 21 2016

"Sixth sense" ESP
"Turn on, tune in, drop out" drug LSD
Acts of derring-do DEEDS
Adjust pillows FLUFF
Affirmative action NOD
Alternate spelling, in crossword abbrs VAR
Animal variety BREED
Assails persistently BOMBARDS
Assess RATE
Attribute to a cause IMPUTE
Bay in the stable ROAN
Bee homes HIVES
Before, back and forth ERE
Beginning to exist NASCENT
Bicuspid neighbor MOLAR
Blue ox of legend BABE
California Santa ANA
Candied SWEET
Caravan pit stops OASES
Cast members ACTORS
CEO's degree, sometimes MBA
Certain fuel GAS
Come in first place WIN
Competes VIES
Container cover LID
Dead-end job RUT
Dental filling material AMALGAM
Editing mark DELE
Enraged LIVID
Every single one ALL
Ewe's milieu LEA
FBI employee AGENT
Fireplace floor HEARTH
Foul up, as plans DERAIL
Fur wrap STOLE
Galena and feldspar ORES
Greta of old films GARBO
Gymnastics event BALANCEBEAM
Hair ointments POMADES
Ham's device RADIO
Hecklers, e.g PESTS
Hectic episodes ADOS
Inmates CONS
Jealousy ENVY
Lamb's mother EWE
Like a good judge FAIR
Like Frankenstein's monster? LEVELHEADED
Like some ships at sea NAVAL
Liquefy again REMELT
Los Alamos project, informally ABOMB
Low playing cards TREYS
Lyrical poem form ODE
Major flops FIASCOS
Make changes to EMEND
Mascara's target LASH
Minds someone else's business PRIES
Mirror reflection IMAGE
Most refined, facetiously COUTHEST
One who parries FENCER
Online address, for short URL
Part of a river MOUTH
People with a sweet tooth, e.g CRAVERS
Political escapee EMIGRE
Preceding nights EVES
Quick breads SCONES
Raspberry drupelets, e.g ACINI
San Andreas and the like FAULTS
Snacked ATE
Soothe, as hurt feelings SALVE
Supernaturally weird EERIE
Teenagers YOUTHS
Unconscious OUT
Victory sign VEE
What an ER doctor hopes to find STEADYPULSE
Yearly calendar abbr FEB
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