How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 16 2010

"... auld lang ___" SYNE
"Go, team!" screamer FAN
"If ___ say so myself" IDO
"Laura" director Preminger OTTO
"___ Porridge Hot" PEASE
A bit pretentious ARTY
A perp may beat it RAP
Anatomical cavities ANTRA
Angler's accessory CREEL
Apply macadam to PAVE
Arab boat DHOW
Asian mink or its fur KOLINSKY
Bar denizens SOTS
Beginning to type? LINO
Biblical pronouns THOUS
Bit to be split ATOM
Bulgarian moola LEVA
Castle barriers MOATS
Cause of impatience ANTSINONESPANTS
Certain photo caption AFTER
Changed direction, as a ship YAWED
Chihuahua currency PESO
Chromosomal blueprint GENOME
Coin across the Atlantic EURO
Damage beyond repair RUIN
Deliver a formal speech ORATE
Disney World transport TRAM
Electrical pioneer Nikola TESLA
Fairy tale bear MAMA
Frenzied way to run AMOK
Gentle firelight GLOW
Hairstyle that's picked AFRO
Has a frog in one's throat RASPS
He served with Nixon AGNEW
Impolitely take GRAB
Iron out a draft EDIT
It may be lined with quartz GEODE
King or queen? BED
Lawn mower attachment BAG
Lemons' locale GROVE
Like Scrooge STINGY
Like venison's flavor GAMY
Mae and Jerry WESTS
Marvel Comics' Lee STAN
Ocean fill SEAWATER
Ollie and Kukla's friend FRAN
Pilfer FILCH
Popular name for cats with white feet BOOTS
Race around the earth? MANKIND
Regard reverently ADORE
Sacred observance RITE
Scarfs (down) WOLFS
Slightest trace IOTA
Smart comeback RETORT
Song by the Kinks LOLA
Spur-of-the-moment vacation GETAWAY
Step separator RISER
Stick overhead STOW
Superior relative? ERIE
Supporting loop SLING
Surfboard carriers SWELLS
Sushi roll fish TUNA
Time-consuming LONG
Tristan's tryst partner ISOLDE
Troublemaking Norse god LOKI
TV's Spelling TORI
Unspecified amount SOME
Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. ERA
Votes from antis NOS
Wall-E's love interest EVE
Windblown snow pile DRIFT
Woman in "The Scarlet Letter" HESTER
Word with "middle" and "school" AGE
___ Aviv TEL
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