How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 14 2002

'' --- the ramparts...'' OER
''Diamonds --- Forever'' ARE
''Harper Valley ---'' PTA
Adjective for a fox SLY
Any piece of work TASK
Based on fact TRUE
Borodin's ''Prince ---'' IGOR
British pokeys GAOLS
Carrying of canoes, e.g. PORTAGE
Catch cunningly ENTRAP
Catch on SEE
Chief Bolshevik LENIN
Chief Norse god ODIN
Christmas decoration WREATH
City on Seward Peninsula NOME
Clementi piece ETUDE
Costume part MASK
Designer Saint Laurent YVES
Didn't draw a card HELD
Dunne of ''I Remember Mama'' IRENE
Eagle's nest AERY
English counties SHIRES
Essence CRUX
Etna outpouring LAVA
Featherbrain IDIOT
German-Polish border river ODER
Goody-goodies PRIGS
Gregorian divisions MONTHS
Hardly upbeat GRIM
Hemoglobin component IRON
Historical period ERA
Island vacation spot OAHU
It puts the ''hot'' in hot cross buns OVEN
It's often cured HAM
Just right IDEAL
Kind of wave HEAT
Lennon's widow ONO
Lotion addition ALOE
Magazine exhortation RENEW
Malarial fever AGUE
Many a year AGES
Missile shelter SILO
Motorist's crime, briefly DWI
Nautical attention grabber AHOY
Neither go-with NOR
Non-flyer of Australia EMU
Nonviolence advocate GANDHI
Part 2 of the quip DRINKISIWANT
Part 3 of the quip TOKNOWWHENIM
Part of 1,001 COMMA
Pentateuch TORAH
Pete's Wimbledon rival ANDRE
Photo SHOT
Pie servings WEDGES
Place with a counter DELI
Provide with funds ENDOW
Publicity, so to speak INK
RBI, for one STAT
Remote button MUTE
Salon request DYE
Seek the affection of WOO
She sat still for civil rights ROSA
Sound of an impact WHAM
Source of riches LODE
Start of a quip by Lady Astor ONEREASONIDONOT
Ten thousand MYRIAD
The taste of honey SWEET
Translucent SHEER
Unflinching folks STOICS
Water and cap, for two GUNS
Woody's singing son ARLO
Word with ran or known as ALSO
Word with sick or work HOME
Workout attire SWEATS
Yawl-like vessel KETCH
You may lend it to someone HAND
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