How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 08 2009

"... ___ quit!" (ultimatum) ORI
"A ___ formality" MERE
"Exodus" actor Mineo SAL
"Fish" star Vigoda ABE
"Get your hands off me!" LETGO
"Killing Me Softly With ___ Song" HIS
"Livin' la Vida ___" (Ricky Martin hit) LOCA
"My good woman" MADAM
"Thanks ___!" ALOT
"What's your sine?" subj. TRIG
"___ will be done" THY
''Christ Stopped at ___'' EBOLI
''Deal with the situation!'' GETOVERIT
''I thought so!'' AHA
''Mode'' lead-in ALA
''The Blue ___'' (1946 film) DAHLIA
''The Killing Fields'' actor Haing NGOR
A close watch TABS
A friend may lend one EAR
Abbr. sometimes used twice in a row ETC
Absolute must NEED
Accompaniment for a pipe TABOR
Active Italian volcano ETNA
Actress Lenya LOTTE
Adam and Eve's third son SETH
Add a fringe to EDGE
Admire and then some ADORE
All ___ (excited) AGOG
All-purpose truck, for short UTE
Alternative to Vegas RENO
Ankle-length cloak CAFTAN
Antony's attire TOGA
Apple spray of old ALAR
As a group ENBLOC
Aspirin has several USES
Assembly of churchmen SYNOD
Bagel order SHMEAR
Ballet class bend PLIE
Bamboo Curtain locale ASIA
Bear greeting? HUG
Best Picture of 1984 AMADEUS
Bismarck's state (Abbr.) NDAK
Blake of jazz EUBIE
Bring home the bacon EARN
Bud's buddy LOU
Bully THUG
Canadian flag feature LEAF
Chi paper TRIB
Comforter in Dracula's coffin? DOWNFORTHECOUNT
Concert venue, often ARENA
Country in the West Indies HAITI
Crowned heads of Russia TSARS
Cry while holding an iron FORE
Cultivating tool HOE
Day-to-day worker, briefly TEMP
Defective FLAWED
Didn't bring up the rear? SAT
Disconcerting look LEER
DreamWorks hit SHREK
El Greco's homeland CRETE
Exclamations of denseness DUHS
Experiences, as doubts HAS
Family auto SEDAN
Firm head, briefly CEO
Flared plant BELLFLOWER
Flat fillers LESSEES
Force forward IMPEL
Force from office OUST
Four-time Daytona 500 winner Yarborough CALE
French summer ETE
Go ___ the deep end INOFF
Golfer Palmer, to his army ARNIE
Great Wall locale ASIA
Half of MIV DII
Hardly a mark of distinction DEE
Hibachi fill COALS
Highest card ACE
Infamous Spanish collar GARROTE
Kappa's preceder IOTA
Kids' winter schoolday wish SNOW
Lennon's spouse ONO
Less refined RAWER
Less tan PALER
Letter afterthoughts letters PSS
Looks up and down OGLES
Ma practices it CELLO
Make beloved ENDEAR
Manhattan Project notable FERMI
Many Forbes readers have them MBAS
Max Ernst collaborator ARP
Melodious Murray ANNE
Mickey Mouse Club name ANNETTE
Monogram of Macavity's creator TSE
More smashing DANDIER
More than bulked up MUSCLEBOUND
More than simmering ABOIL
Musical finale CODA
Musical Horne LENA
Nero's robe TOGA
Nonalcoholic brew TEA
Not exactly proud ASHAMED
Not readily apparent BELOWTHESURFACE
Off-putting trait EGO
Old PC display device CRT
Olympic event TRIPLEJUMP
Orange coat? RIND
Paragons of slipperiness EELS
Phyllis Lindstrom's hubby LARS
Planting season SPRINGTIME
Poles tossed by Scots CABERS
Popular aquarium fish TETRA
Pouring vessel EWER
Prefix with ''hertz'' KILO
Print in relief EMBOSS
Putting on the line RISKING
Radical '60s org. SDS
Receiving a pension, briefly RET
Rhubarb, for one PIE
Rug buyer's calculation AREA
Ryan's rank, briefly PVT
Safari beast RHINO
Secret pros RINGERS
Semisweet California white wine SAUTERNE
Simple dwelling HUT
Small newt EFT
Snow toy SLED
Soak, as flax RET
Some IHOP orders OJS
Songs that bring back memories OLDIES
Steak sauce choice AONE
Subdued chuckle TEEHEE
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Syllable-saving preposition ERE
Take charge on the dance floor LEAD
Too many to count UMPTEEN
Tramped or trampled TROD
Travelling feature in America, not Britain? ONEL
Trusting act LEAPOFFAITH
Tundra wanderer ELK
Two of the Seven Wonders of the World STATUES
Type of rug ORIENTAL
Unflattering facial feature DOUBLECHIN
White bill in Monopoly ONE
Wister's ''___ McLean'' LIN
Word with ''maker'' or ''breaker'' ICE
Wrote bad checks KITED
___ fide (in bad faith) MALA
___ new world record SETA
___'acte ENTR
___-Magnon man CRO
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