How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 18 2015

"Eight" starter OCT
"Faust" author GOETHE
"I" affliction EGO
"If ___ told you once ..." IVE
"Stop acting up!" BEHAVE
"The Merry Drinker" painter Frans HALS
200 milligrams CARAT
Accelerate (with "up") REV
Acid, water or wind, over time ERODER
Alternate sp., in crossword clues VAR
Annoyances PEEVES
Athletic shoe part CLEAT
Aware of WISETO
Ballerina's step PAS
Balloon filler AIR
Bangs, yells, sirens, etc NOISES
Bard's "always" EER
Boardwalk sights PIERS
Butter units PATS
Cookie favorite OREO
Cy Young Award stat ERA
Day starter? EVERY
Descried BEHELD
Dig for truffles ROOT
Discharge through the pores EGEST
Ending passage in music CODA
Father of Balder ODIN
Fifth canonical hour NONES
Filled with uncontrollable emotion OVERWHELMED
Fish-food seller PETSHOP
Give cheer to ELATE
Herd, as cattle DROVE
History Muse CLIO
In an angry way CROSSLY
Job possibility OPENING
Kathy Lee's old partner REGIS
Lehmann or Lenya LOTTE
Like Erte's style DECO
Longhorn's rival AGGIE
Made flood-resistant, as a river bank LEVEED
Make an outline of TRACE
Make null and void NEGATE
Mortarboard sporter, briefly GRAD
Much ado about not very much POTHER
Musician Clapton ERIC
Natural hideout GROTTO
Naval officer (Abbr.) ADM
Nest egg, for some IRA
Nonspeaking "CSI" roles CORPSES
Numbers game, e.g LOTTERY
Olympic skiing category NORDIC
One spelling for a zigzagging ribbon used as trimming RICRAC
Oscar winner Spacek SISSY
Perform better than one needs to OVERACHIEVE
Permits LET
Pops the cork OPENS
Russian despot TSAR
Stayed away from EVADED
Swirled, as a whirlpool EDDIED
Tack, nautically VEER
They often wear dark eyeliner GOTHS
This puzzle's theme word OVER
Three, on sundials III
Tokyo, once EDO
Transfer ownership CEDE
Underground laborer MINER
Units of resistance OHMS
Went lickety-split RAN
Where Jack and Jill live now? OVERTHEHILL
White House Web-address ending GOV
Word with "skater" or "water" ICE
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Gatos, Calif LOS
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