How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 31 2018

"Cheers to 2019!" is one toast
"Ick!" ugh
"My Cousin ___" (Pesci film) vinny
"Wonder Woman" foe ares
*"Aww"-inspiring pairs cutecouples
*French for "end of century" findesiecle
*It isn't straight from the udder pasteurizedmilk
*Vessel in a Tom Clancy thriller redoctober
1963 Oscar winner Patricia neal
African nation or its eponymous river niger
Alternative to org com
Are likely (to) tend
Bar soap maker ivory
Bathrobe feature belt
Best Buy array tvs
Biblical vessels arks
Big name in cornstarch argo
Bird with a snowy variety egret
Bouillon brand knorr
Boxer's arsenal jabs
California's Big ___ sur
Common cough medicine flavor grape
Cry after messing up big-time iblewit
Does a recycler's job sorts
Fidget spinners, e.g craze
First responders, for short emts
Folk music's Guthrie arlo
Font similar to Helvetica arial
Forum garment toga
Gamer's bane lag
Government-issued ID ssn
Grant knighthood to dub
Grows dim fades
Henchman Luca of "The Godfather" brasi
Hertz competitor avis
Highlander's family clan
Homophone of 18-Across lyre
Inferno blaze
Inner circle member crony
It might not get you where you want to go jalopy
Its speed is measured in GHz cpu
Jamaican music genre ska
Kick out evict
Less than enthusiastic blase
Let in admit
Light verse poet ogdennash
Like a pre-birth position fetal
Like a restless night fitful
Literary Leon uris
London's Royal ___ Hall albert
Manning of football eli
Messy room, informally sty
Move like The Blob ooze
New lawn sign keepoff
Night of anticipation eve
Nose ring alternative stud
One with flaming pants, presumably liar
Prefix for "adroit" mal
Prepared to play, as a violin tuned
Provide up-to-the-second commentary, nowadays livetweet
Ready and willing partner able
Record sleeve successor cdcase
Resident of Tolkien's Fangorn Forest ent
Restaurant feature for insiders, or what the starred answers' first 3-5 letters comprise? secretmenu
Rubber-stamps oks
San Francisco weather fog
Sets loose frees
Solar or lunar event eclipse
Sticky stuff goop
Up in the air aloft
Wind up or wind down end
Wispy clouds cirri
XOXO alternative iluvu
Zodiac lion leo
___-Cola coca
___-cross applesauce criss
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