How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 22 2012

"Colorful" Vietnam seaport HUE
"Gone With the Wind" character RHETTBUTLER
"Sis-boom-bah!" alternative RAH
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air" BEL
"Time is money," for one ADAGE
1/100 of a euro CENT
180 from WSW ENE
28-Down's book KORAN
Ambulance worker MEDIC
Amounts prescribed by doctors DOSES
Appear SEEM
Apply, as sunblock RUBON
Banister attachment NEWEL
Be on the side of caution? ERR
Beaded calculators ABACI
Bern river AAR
Big-horned butter IBEX
Bird found in marshes CRANE
Blame RAP
Blue-veined cheese STILTON
Car dealer's personal car, often DEMO
Compound found in perfume ESTER
Decay-fighting org ADA
Defender of Castle Grayskull HEMAN
Erie Canal mule, of song SAL
Gangsters' rods GATS
Got palsy-walsy CHUMMED
Homer says it a lot DOH
Imitation diamonds RHINESTONES
In better health HALER
Incline SLOPE
IRS ordeal AUDIT
Itty bits IOTAS
Keep from overheating, as an engine AIRCOOL
Kind of acid found in protein AMINO
Librarian, at times INDEXER
Like fiery pokers REDHOT
Line on a weather map ISOBAR
Lowly laborers PEONS
Mexican currency PESOS
Milk and butter purveyor DAIRY
Muslim leader IMAM
None's opposite ALL
Nursemaids, in India AMAHS
Oft-heavenly scent AROMA
Old start for "now" or "long" ERE
Oohed and ___ AAHED
Outburst of surprise OHO
Partook of ATE
Penned up, like pigs STYED
Plumbing pipe with a right angle ELL
Present times NONCES
Redder, as a tomato RIPER
Ruckus ADO
Saw socially DATED
Says with great enthusiasm RHAPSODIZES
Scottish turndown NAE
Sighs of relief AHS
Slow down, as rainfall LETUP
Smallest U.S. state, in area RHODEISLAND
Some discriminators SEXISTS
Suds in a mug BEER
They may be snide REMARKS
Three-masted sailing ship XEBEC
Tonsil's neighbor ADENOID
Trade-___ (some used cars) INS
Type of swimmer's kick SCISSOR
Ultimate point END
Unopened in the box NEW
Used a birchbark craft CANOED
Vole kin RAT
Weeder's tool HOE
What certain jets avoid RADAR
What Met tickets might be for OPERA
Woman with the same two notes? MIMI
Word suggesting a name change NEE
Wrestling success PIN
___ code (number on a letter) ZIP
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