How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 02 2003

"Peggy ___ Got Married" SUE
"The Great Communicator" REAGAN
A sun problem GLARE
Abominable Snowman YETI
Actress Garr TERI
All-around upbraid? GOODBADSCOLDING
Allegiance avowal PLEDGE
Amalgamation MERGER
American chameleon ANOLE
Arabian gulf OMAN
Aries animal RAM
Asian currency YEN
Barrister's practice TRIALTRIAL
Baseball's "The Little Giant" OTT
Big rig SEMI
Boulevard AVENUE
Brick carrier HOD
Brought on board HIRED
Butter stand-ins OLEOS
Calendar confines YEAR
Career choice SALES
Carnival city RIO
Casting assignment ROLE
Charged particle PROTON
Chicago's hub OHARE
Chicken/king connector ALA
Chits IOUS
Church part APSE
Close tightly SHUT
Colorful mount ROAN
Come down with HAVE
Comedian Johnson ARTE
Comfortable ATHOME
Congregation affirmation AMEN
Corn units EARS
Covered up HID
Crib part SLAT
Diffident SHY
Disparities GAPS
Drops, as pounds SHEDS
Ernesto Guevara CHE
Estuaries RIAS
Famous folks CELEBS
Famous Gabor EVA
Fertilizer components NITRATES
Fine-feathered duck EIDER
Fireplace find ASH
Fix a draft EDIT
Formerly, formerly ERST
German article EINE
Gift recipient DONEE
Give two dimes and a nickel for a quarter CHANGECHANGE
Goddess of discord ERIS
Goes bad SPOILS
Goody-goody PRUDE
Greek letter RHO
High holdings ACES
Horse's paces GAITS
Hosp. scanner MRI
Humble horse NAG
Improve, as one's skills HONE
In a jiff SOON
In actuality DEFACTO
Independent sort LONEWOLF
It can be crimson or high TIDE
It's hot and dry most of the year SAHARA
It's pounded to get attention GAVEL
Italian wine region ASTI
Its flag is blue and white ISRAEL
Kind of bag GRAB
Kind of woodpecker DOWNY
Knight's attendant PAGE
Knockout BEAUTY
Lady friend GAL
Large African antelope GNU
Launch skyward SENDUP
Like a forest setting WOODSY
Little shaver TOT
Load of bricks, maybe TON
Loom pattern WEAVE
Medicinal plant ALOE
Mournful poem ELEGY
Ms. Moreno RITA
Mule of song SAL
Musical syllable TRA
Nice ending? TIES
Nightspot CLUB
Off-the-cuff ADLIB
Olympian Devers GAIL
One of L.B.J.'s dogs HER
One of the Leeward Islands NEVIS
Open spaces in forests GLADES
Operate RUN
Option word ELSE
Outfit GETUP
Owl's query WHO
PGA Championship staple ROUGHROUGH
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Plant anchor SOIL
Praiseful composition ODE
Precious stones GEMS
Priestly vestment ALB
Protuberances NODES
Quechua speakers INCAS
Rag chaser? TAG
Regal address SIRE
Relating to the brain CEREBRIC
Roast host EMCEE
Root vegetable RADISH
Ruffian cadres GANGS
Russian country house DACHA
Seasonal helper ELF
Server's assistant BUSBOY
Set the pace LEAD
Setting for many jokes BAR
Shoe blemish SCUFF
Shoshone UTE
Sibling, for short BRO
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Singles or doubles HITS
Sit, differently ITS
Some Eastern Europeans SERBS
Songwriter Sammy CAHN
Soon-to-be adults TEENS
Sort of skirt MINI
Southpaw LEFTY
Split site SEAM
Spy org. CIA
Strapping BEEFY
Tableland MESA
Taxi driver CABBY
Ten Commandments beast ASS
Tickle pink ELATE
Tree of the mimosa family ACACIA
Under the weather ILL
Utter impulsively BLURT
Water nymph NAIAD
Wee hour ONE
Where the tremor is worst EPICENTER
Women's dress style ALINE
Word with paper or pepper MILL
Word with tail or express PONY
Yorick's skull, e.g. PROP
Zero NIL
___ la vista HASTA
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