How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 29 2010

"Braveheart" group CLAN
"Daniel Boone" actor Ed AMES
"Gone With the Wind" plantation TARA
"The Andy Griffith Show" tippler OTIS
"The Simpsons" grandpa ABE
"To Live and Die ___" (1985 movie) INLA
Abysses CHASMS
Affleck of Hollywood BEN
After-dinner brandy COGNAC
All spruced up NEAT
Almonds and cashews NUTS
An eternity, seemingly EONS
Approximation ESTIMATE
Awful smell FETOR
Ball-point and fountain PENS
Bawl SOB
Bit of matter ATOM
Break in relations RIFT
Bridal party SHOWER
Build up, as a fortune AMASS
Chemically similar substances ISOMERS
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Common Father's Day gift TIE
Community standards ETHOS
Countesses' husbands EARLS
Created a problem for oneself GOTINTOHOTWATER
Detonating threat TIMEBOMB
Dog trained to catch vermin RATTER
Donkey sound BRAY
Egg-shaped OVATE
End of a musical composition CODA
Equine newborn FOAL
Finish a scene WRAP
First or reverse GEAR
Floating sheet of ice FLOE
Fragrant cleaner DEODORANTSOAP
Frito-Lay's parent PEPSICO
Genetic "messenger" RNA
Golden-egg layer, in a fairy tale GOOSE
Granolalike breakfast food MUESLI
Groundbreaking garden tool HOE
Harley-Davidson trim CHROME
Have lunch EAT
Hide-hair connector NOR
In a straight line of descent LINEAL
In the center of AMID
Introduce to knight life? DUB
It may be raw or processed DATA
James Brown had it SOUL
Least confident WARIEST
Lennon's wife ONO
Lighter in color PALER
List-ending abbreviation ETAL
Loneliest number, it's said ONE
Milo of film and stage OSHEA
Most recently produced NEWEST
North Atlantic food fish SCUP
Office computer connection, for short LAN
Palindromic chancellor OTTO
Paranormal ability (Abbr.) ESP
Performer who fills the club DRAW
Place for parking LOT
Rabbit fur (Var.) CONY
Repetitive learning method ROTE
Stately house MANSION
Stereotypical skid row denizen HOBO
Takes little bites NIBBLES
Ten, so to speak IDEAL
Tennyson's "___ of the King" IDYLLS
Top card in the deck ACE
Verdi's classic princess AIDA
Wait in the wings STANDBY
Went into seclusion HID
___-gallon hat TEN
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