How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 28 2017

" ... fear, but fear ___" ITSELF
"Enough, already!" STOP
"I agree, pastor!" AMEN
"Just ___" (Nike slogan) DOIT
"Over" relative ROGER
A number for everyone AGE
Amazon household gadget ECHO
Ambulance sound SIREN
Asian food staple RICE
Attempt to convince URGE
Backpack part STRAP
Better an edge HONE
Big name in swimming briefs SPEEDO
Bush relative SHRUB
Cartoon shriek EEK
Common test answer TRUE
Creditor's insurances LIENS
Cries of excitement OHS
Cry of discovery EUREKA
Dais relative PODIUM
Diving birds GREBES
Dweeb NERD
Eco-conscious org EPA
Edible taro root EDDO
Emulate a happy child SKIP
Energize (with "up") LIVEN
Female deer DOES
Fiddle's fancy relative VIOL
Fleur-de-___ (Quebec symbol) LIS
Get ready PREP
Hair nets SNOODS
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Harmony UNITY
Health scare of 2002-03 SARS
If Mr. Springfield gets upset with you, he will .. HAVEABONETORICK
Interrogator ASKER
It turns litmus blue ALKALI
Jargon LINGO
Kerfuffle TODO
Last movement of a sonata RONDO
Look for SEEK
Metropolis in India DELHI
Missile shed SILO
Money dispenser ATM
Mr. Springfield's so cheap, he's constantly .. RICKELANDDIMING
Norse war god ODIN
Nosy one SNOOP
Not good EVIL
Not far away NEAR
Noted Indian leader NEHRU
Omnivorous Australian birds EMUS
On the ball AWARE
Outrageous lender USURER
Pipe type BRIAR
Point in the right direction ORIENT
Provider of a close shave BARBER
Psychic talent, briefly ESP
River of the Carolinas PEEDEE
Safe place in a storm, to a captain PORT
School org PTA
Son of Adam SETH
Space-saving term, saving-space ABBR
Start a rebellion ARISE
Stuff in many drinks ICE
Stumble TRIP
Stun or electrify AWE
Thai bills BAHTS
Threesome TRIO
Tree trimmer, e.g LOPPER
Units of energy or work ERGS
Variety show REVUE
Various cacophonies NOISES
Visored cap of Paris KEPI
When Mr. Springfield saves the day, he arrives .. INTHERICKOFTIME
Wild, crazy indulgence BINGE
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