How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 24 2013

"Be it ___ so humble …" EVER
"Mr. Smith ___ to Washington" GOES
"___ Cane" (1962 movie) MONDO
"___ the Explorer" (kid's show) DORA
1960s-'70s pro hoops league ABA
A lightbulb can represent it IDEA
Accessory for Wonder Woman TIARA
Advanced math course, briefly CALC
American trumpet player Armstrong LOUIS
Athenian lawmaker DRACO
Ball of thread CLEW
Beast of many a fairy tale OGRE
Became useless, as a sail TORE
Become free of moisture DRYUP
Bike for you and a sweetie TANDEM
Box-seating area LOGE
Bright, as a color LOUD
Calendar unit YEAR
Charity of a sort ALMS
City on the Danube BELGRADE
Close to NEAR
Closed electric circuit LOOP
Collection of miscellaneous things OLIO
Cowboy circus RODEO
Deep black, in poetry EBON
Defendant's story ALIBI
Deformed circles? OVALS
Doing more than mere soldering ARCWELDING
Eggs site NEST
Emanating glow AURA
Ewes' mates RAMS
Fish spawn ROE
Forward-looking man? LOT
Goats' progeny KIDS
Groundless, as speculation IDLE
Heavy books TOMES
Hemingway's "The Sun ___ Rises" ALSO
Hire again REEMPLOY
Hit lightly and repeatedly TAP
Horse command GEEUP
Hotshot pilot ACE
In rich supply PLENTEOUS
It breaks every morning DAY
It continually moves in the same direction TRADEWIND
Jagged, as a leaf edge EROSE
Lessen, as pain EASE
Malfeasance WRONGDOING
Medicine dose PILL
Mongolia's capital, ___ Bator ULAN
Much-used pencil STUB
Muscular contraction SPASM
Performing on stage PLAYACTING
Pint-size MINI
Plover's cousin PEWIT
Popular '50s record label DECCA
Popular singing show, familiarly IDOL
Pre-release demand RANSOM
Remove, as a bottle cap UNSCREW
Russian spacecraft series LUNA
Sea fed by the Amu Darya ARAL
Separate the strands of, as rope UNLAY
Sheer woven fabric NINON
Sign again, as a lease RELET
Singer Amos TORI
Some Heisman Trophy winners (abbr.) RBS
Star sapphire, e.g ASTERIA
Subject of a management class ANGER
Tell the cops everything SING
Ten Commandments pronoun THOU
Three-way joint TEE
Trench-making tool SPADE
Vaulter's tool POLE
What Q and U do RHYME
Whip marks WELTS
Winona of "Black Swan" RYDER
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