How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 22 2002

''Death Valley Days'' host RONALDREAGAN
''Encore!'' AGAIN
''My --- Sal'' GAL
''Please Don't --- the Daisies'' EAT
''The --- Hilton'' HANOI
''The Yellow Rose of Texas'' star ROYROGERS
19th c. actor Booth EDWIN
A series of chirps TWITTER
Alchemist's cure-all ELIXIR
Archaeologists, at times DIGGERS
Ashley Judd's mom NAOMI
Bad buy LEMON
Barbara of ''Perry Mason'' fame HALE
Be active on Wall St. TRADE
Beastly gathering MENAGERIE
Bother ANNOY
Bubbly beverage SODA
Change direction VEER
Cheese at Cannes, perhaps BRIE
Classic sitcom hubby RICKYRICARDO
Cognize KNOW
Commando's outing RAID
Derby garland ROSES
Diminishes EBBS
Disinclined AVERSE
Dr. Zaius, for one APE
Drying out process? DETOX
Early jazz BOP
Electrically improved REWIRED
Elephant king of kiddie lit BABAR
Falco of ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Flower-derived perfume oil ATTAR
Get right to the honeymoon ELOPE
Give the eye OGLE
Had great expectations HOPED
Hot buttered popcorn's lure AROMA
Hunter's trophy ELK
Ingmar Bergman's ''--- Strawberries'' WILD
Iniquity locales DENS
It often comes between partners AND
It'll help you hear the show EARDRUM
Jellystone Park resident YOGI
Kind of language BODY
Like Culkin in his 1990 film ALONE
Lovable sitcom star RAYROMANO
Map dir. ENE
Modern Maturity publisher AARP
Morgan Freeman thriller SEVEN
NASA countdown unit SEC
Nautical start AERO
Notice ESPY
Phony display SHAM
Pinot --- (dry red wine) NOIR
Pottery piece SHARD
Preschooler TOT
Ranter's partner RAVER
Relatives of 55-Down BEARS
Rodeo victim STEER
Sat around and sat around VEGETATED
Shooting marbles TAWS
Shortly, to the Bard ANON
Source of exotic meat EMU
Super guy from Seattle SONIC
Superman portrayer REEVE
Takes home, as an Oscar EARNS
Thrift shop aim RESALE
Transport for Tarzan VINE
Visibly embarrassed RED
Warbling sound TRILL
Watson and Crick subject DNA
Word with move, tag or string ALONG
Zeta-theta connection ETA
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