How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 06 2015

"Get outta here, cat!" SCAT
"It's now or never" time DDAY
"___ me up, Scotty!" BEAM
A compass can form one ARC
A dollar, in some places EURO
Actor Kilmer VAL
Arctic ice sheet FLOE
Assembled in advance PREFAB
At full throttle AMAIN
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Avoids doing a thorough job CUTSSOMECORNERS
Aweather's opposite ALEE
Baby's first word, sometimes GOO
Baseball legend Aaron HANK
Beginning ONSET
Bemoans RUES
Big name in weed killers ROUNDUP
Blasting stuff TNT
Bother persistently HARASS
Campaign pro POL
Campus females, once COEDS
Caribou kin ELK
Certain communists STALINISTS
Certain fruit ORANGE
Channel of the sea STRAIT
Cheese tray choice EDAM
Cherish ADORE
Construction material CEMENT
Consumers of a product ENDUSERS
Deep sleep stage REM
Delirium or hysteria MANIA
Doesn't quite play by the book BENDSTHERULES
Door fastener HASP
Dundee negative NAE
Finishes camping FOLDSUPONESTENT
Flightless bird EMU
Follow as a result ENSUE
Fond du ___, Wisc LAC
Form into a knot TIE
Gardener's need SOIL
General meaning GIST
He came after Quayle GORE
High point for Moses SINAI
Hold up ROB
It's a wrap, clearly SARAN
It's actually a rodent PRAIRIEDOG
Large part of an atlas ASIA
Lie comfortably REPOSE
Long journey TREK
Lowest operatic voice BASSO
Mountain climber's obstacle CRAG
Mr. Musial STAN
NBC news program DATELINE
Number for a house ADDRESS
Omani, for one ARAB
One who is in a horizontal position LIER
Optometrist's interest EYE
Part of North America USA
Part of the human eye IRIS
Pieces for piano students ETUDES
Polish, as one's skills HONE
Sheriff's emergency assistants POSSES
Some forms of poetry ODES
Some green pods OKRAS
Stranded like Gilligan ISLED
Suffix for "velvet" EEN
Swords that are not dangerous EPEES
The "p" of 6p PENCE
Thing to hum SONG
Type of saxophone ALTO
Vehicle for the off-road UTE
Vigor go-with VIM
Warns of danger ALERTS
Was in pain ACHED
Window sill LEDGE
Winter ailment FLU
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