How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 14 2019

"C'___ magnifique!" est
"Hamlet" divisions acts
"Thar ___ blows!" she
"This texter thinks ..." imo
Aggressive poker words iraise
Airport safety acronym tsa
Authoritarian leader strongman
Baking product found in 17-, 27-, 35- and 44-Across? cakemix
Bitter beer ale
BMW competitor audi
Boggle cube die
British leader May theresa
Campaign donation grp pac
Carnival game skill aim
Close-fitting necklace choker
Clucking female hen
Colony insect ant
Comparable with akinto
Cow's mouthful cud
Crossword clue changers: Abbr eds
Curve-shaped arced
De-stressing resorts spas
Desirable hold 'em holding aceking
Desktop with a Retina display imac
Election participant who's in it for laughs jokecandidate
Employs hires
Flawless reccommendation feature? onec
Foes enemies
Gen ___ (millennial's predecessor) xer
George Gershwin's brother ira
Gobbled up ate
Heavy sword saber
Identical thesame
Its lowest key is on the left piano
Japanese ideograms kanji
Khaki pants chinos
Kind of school for dogs obedience
Lawyers' org aba
Like some Muslims shiite
Map initials until 1991 ussr
Mashhad native irani
Mined resource ore
Montreal-based carrier aircanada
More severe harsher
Muffle deaden
Neither here ___ there nor
Nonprofit URL ender, often org
On that account ergo
Opera solo aria
PDA device? kisscam
Penny-drop sound? aha
Pigmented eye part iris
Relationships, e.g., for happiness predictor
Resonate (with) strikeachord
Rivers, in Spanish rios
Rum brand bacardi
Serious road offense, briefly dui
Shepherd's tool rod
Short French poem rondel
South American range andes
State east of Wash ida
Still buggy, as software inbeta
Stinky animal skunk
Stylish again retro
Suffix with "Vietnam" ese
Title for Lancelot sir
Tuna steak tuna ahi
Uber or Lyft app
Uncharged particle neutron
Undesirable hold 'em holding badhand
Veg-O-Matic maker ronco
Waze output: Abbr rte
Where a delivery person might come in backentrance
___ Ladies ("One Week" band) barenaked
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