How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 05 2006

''Ad'' or ''ab'' ending SORB
''Along ___ Spider'' CAMEA
''Battlefield Earth'' author Hubbard LRON
''East of ___'' EDEN
''No ifs, ___ or buts!'' ANDS
''Swan Lake'' costume TUTU
''The Prince and the Pauper'' star, 1937 FLYNN
''There's a Wocket in My Pocket!'' author DRSEUSS
''___ on down the road'' EASE
1887 La Scala debut OTELLO
1974 Top 10 hit with a Spanish title ERESTU
A crowd, in Cremona? TRE
According to ASPER
Actress Winslet KATE
Air hose sound SSSS
Aladdin's topper FEZ
Alphabet trio EFG
Alternative to Mega Bloks LEGO
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Apparatus for two SEESAW
Apron top BIB
Aristocrat BLUEBLOOD
Artist's pigment, once PARISGREEN
Ashley's country-singing mother NAOMI
Audubon painting subject BIRD
Auto race locale, familiarly INDY
Back end of a kitchen? ETTE
Barber belt STROP
Become cohesive GEL
Becomes imminent NEARS
Believed unquestioningly ATEUP
Big name in toothbrushes ORALB
Bit of frivolity CAPER
Bout before the main event, briefly PRELIM
Caution WARN
Certain tropical cuckoo ANI
Cheese type DANISHBLUE
Chicken, so to speak YELLOWBELLY
CIA gleanings INFO
Coal cars TRAMS
Coaxes WOOS
Colo. neighbor KANS
Combat award PURPLEHEART
Come around again RECUR
Contention CLAIM
Cowardly Lion actor LAHR
Cubicle fixture DESK
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Deductions from gross weight TARES
Digestion aid SALIVA
Diminish in intensity ABATE
Director Lee ANG
Displeased expression MOUE
Disputation DEBATE
Divide REND
Do-say link ASI
Emulated a siren LURED
Fairy milieu TALE
Famous Kansan Dorothy GALE
Fence part POST
Fever symptom, ironically CHILL
Fords used as cop cars, once LTDS
Fort featured in ''Goldfinger'' KNOX
Gathering MEETING
Geological time division (Var.) AEON
George's bills ONES
Glitch SNAG
Grant entry LETIN
Gravy holder BOAT
Herbicide with a colorful name AGENTORANGE
Hired hoodlum GOON
Hockey feints DEKES
Impulse URGE
In fast time? LENTEN
Intro to surgery NEURO
It established banks in Switzerland AARE
It may be measured in rounds AMMO
Italian mountain ETNA
Items in sconces TAPERS
Its eye is used in recipes NEWT
Jag rival BMW
Jalapa home CASA
Joshua tree, for one YUCCA
Just-baked FRESH
Kind of energy SOLAR
Kind of light ULTRAVIOLET
Kind of test ROAD
Large water holder TOWER
Legal-tender bill GREENBACK
Letters on Sputnik CCCP
Like some backsplashes TILED
Like Texas Ranger John Reid LONE
Luxurious fur SABLE
Maker of the Arctic Blast frozen drink ICEE
Memorization methods ROTES
Misses in Spain, briefly SRTAS
Neighbor of Quebec MAINE
Not eve MORN
Observes SEES
One with wanderlust NOMAD
Out of the loop UNAWARE
Patronize, as a motel STAYAT
Popular volleyball setting BEACH
Port-au-Prince money GOURDE
Potter's buys CLAYS
Prepared for a blow TENSED
Salad addition, sometimes TUNA
Scene of a famous fall EDEN
School founded by Henry VI ETON
Sculpting medium ICE
Secluded valleys GLENS
Second letter before iota ETA
Showed a great time to REGALED
Solidify HARDEN
Some crossword clues PUNS
Some desperate searches MANHUNTS
Start of a Tony Orlando hit song title TIEA
Stench ODOR
Stop introducing evidence REST
Stretched circles OVALS
Subj. with graphs ECON
Suisse sweetheart AMIE
Tallinn native ESTONIAN
Tamp a musket, e.g. LOAD
Teachers' assistants, for short PARAS
Tickle one's fancy AMUSE
Tony's love in ''West Side Story'' MARIA
Tops of suits ACES
Tot's recitation ABCS
Town in Washington or Texas LONGVIEW
Trace of smoke WISP
Turkish official, e.g. EMIR
University founder Cornell EZRA
Use a hang glider SOAR
Use a sight AIM
Velvet finish? EEN
Venerable guide GURU
Vetoed NIXED
Washington capital? ONES
Weatherman's word FAIR
West Point inits. USMA
What a mug might hold? GAT
When all hands meet NOON
White House IGLOO
Wilderness Road pioneer Daniel BOONE
Wish to take back RUE
Word on an invoice NET
Words with ''See if'' or ''What do'' ICARE
Words with two or hole INONE
Wring the neck of SCRAG
Young swan CYGNET
___ Plaines, Illinois DES
___-majeste (high treason) LESE
___-Saxon ANGLO
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