How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 29 2018

'Nothing but net' sound swish
'The Government Inspector' writer gogol
'The Yeomen of the Guard' heroine elsie
'Yer lyin'!' aintso
13-string Japanese instrument koto
78-card deck tarot
Amount owed in a primitive barter system? shelltopay
Annoy pester
Architect's detail spec
Arson investigation evidence ashes
Aspiring painters' degs mfas
Bagel topping lox
Baker with the #3 hit 'Giving You the Best That I Got' anita
Banking pro? pilot
Brownie, for one elf
Burden onus
Capital about 315 miles northwest of Boston ottawa
Capital whose patron saint is Hallvard oslo
Casually referred alluded
Chilly dessert sorbet
Clarifying words thatis
Coniferous tree with red berries yew
Crooked deli offering? shamsandwich
Crucially influential seminal
Cut down hew
Deg. requiring many oral exams dds
Dress togs
Dueling sword epee
Easy to understand lucid
Eat plentifully of feaston
Empire that kept records with knotted strings inca
Fail to notice miss
Fast Amtrak train acela
Fastball, in slang heat
Favorable votes ayes
Fixes boots, e.g resoles
Found icy, perhaps slidon
Friend's address thou
German city nicknamed the 'Nice of the North' wiesbaden
Gift-bearing trio magi
Glad rival hefty
Goof off loaf
Haggard classic she
Hand holder arm
Harm scathe
Haunted house? scarefacility
Hood on a Bentley bonnet
In favor of for
In the manner of ala
Insist on a gluten-free diet? scornbread
Kin of crepes blini
Large book size folio
Letters after CD- rom
Like many a Hollywood romance offscreen
Like some diets nocarb
Like some flaws fatal
Like Ymir and Yggdrasil norse
Lip-curling expression sneer
Lip-smacking tasty
List unit item
Little pianos spinets
Londoner's cuppa, slangily cha
Lower in the country cow
Lowly workers peons
Magic Kingdom neighbor epcot
Mammal with a highly flexible nose tapir
Man from Manchester briton
Message via thumbs text
Mid-11th-century year mli
Moist at sunrise dewed
Move with stealth prowl
Muscular sextet abs
Must needto
Neck part nape
Nicht alt neu
Nixon visited him in 1972 mao
Nocturnal nestling owlet
Not 8-Down awake
Not 97-Across out
Number song
Ouzo flavoring anise
Over there, to bards yon
Overthrow, e.g error
Pants measures inseams
Paper pieces opeds
Pasty dish poi
Pirouette pivots toes
Pitched well intune
Polish nobleman who led the American cavalry pulaski
Pom or Peke lapdog
Pool prizes kitties
Proceed with dispatch run
Produce create
Proposed replacement for Jackson on the twenty tubman
Purveyors of pampering spas
Put into words said
Raised ridge welt
Rallies for rascals? scampmeetings
Reacts to a hammered thumb swears
Ready to eat ripe
Really wanna, more formally yearnto
Ref's ruling tko
Road with a no rte
Sail's support mast
School since 1440 eton
Serengeti stalker lion
Showing stress italic
Sister of Charlotte and Emily anne
Slow-cooked meal stew
Sneeze sound achoo
Source of 'mongoose' and 'mynah' hindi
Sprawls out lolls
Starbucks or Heinz plugger? shillofbeans
Stare stupidly gape
State fundraiser lotto
Stepped trod
Stock holder pen
Sty mud? swinecooler
Sun spot sky
Tank fill fuel
Thousand Island dressing ingredient catsup
Thousand Island dressing ingredient salt
Threaten menace
Totally lose it snap
Town on Long Island's South Shore islip
Traffic jam report? stalltale
Unwanted growths weeds
Votes in elects
Walk with confidence stride
Was ungenerous stinted
Wear the crown reign
Where it was found insitu
Wig out flip
Willing to eat a diner side? slawabiding
Window part sash
Windows to the soul, proverbially eyes
Works in the fashion business sews
Wraps up ends
You can draw it or hold it theline
___ fortuna (good luck) buena
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