How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 24 2008

'...in heaven above, ___ earth beneath': 1 Kings ORON
'Amscray!' SCOOT
'Amscray!' SHOO
'Deal or No Deal' star MDEL
'Everything's Coming Up Roses' composer STYNE
'La vita nuova' writer DANTE
'That's great!' AWESOME
'The Spanish Singer' painter EDOUARDMET
'What services ___ thou do?': Lear CANST
'Winter Light' director INGMARBERGM
1974 hit from Spain ERESTU
2003 Peter Martins ballet OCTET
35th anniversary gift JADE
Above, in Austria UBER
Affectionate word ENDEARMENT
Answer to the chaplain IDO
Anti-art art DADA
Around the 30th: Abbr. EOM
Author of 2001's 'Fury' SALMRUSHDIE
Author who wrote 'Demian' under the pen name Emil Sinclair HERMNHESSE
Brancusi's homeland ROMIA
Brown quickly SEAR
Bullpen stat SAVE
Bunker, for one BIGOT
Calico cat, usually SHE
Carnegie Hall headliner of January 16, 1938 BENNYGOODM
Cash on hand? CHIPS
Celestial Seasonings offering TEA
Chamillionaire's field RAP
Chief Ouray, for one UTE
Chorus preceder VERSE
Chutney maker's supply MGOS
Clear out LEAVE
Close by, poetically ANEAR
Cookie entrepreneur Wally AMOS
Crest rival GLEEM
Crime writer Buchanan EDNA
Crockett's 'Miami Vice' partner TUBBS
Curly-leafed cabbages KALES
Current setting OCEAN
Dance party attendees RAVERS
Dark Lord of the Sith VADER
Deadly mushroom AMITA
Deplore BEMOAN
Destroy by degrees ERODE
Destroyer destroyer UBOAT
Didn't guzzle NURSED
Dorm duo ROOMIES
Dos minus dos CERO
Equip anew RERIG
Finito OVER
First name among hoteliers LEONA
Fish-loving eagle ERNE
Foam toy brand NERF
Forever, seemingly AGES
Founder and keyboardist of the Earth Band MFREDMN
Fourth little piggy's share NONE
Friday, for one COP
Furthermore ASWELL
Gabon's president Bongo OMAR
Gets it wrong ERRS
Girl in a Beach Boys song RHONDA
Go ballistic ERUPT
Go by PASS
Harbor sight TUG
Home of Odysseus ITHACA
Home of Sharp OSAKA
Huey Lewis's band THENEWS
IDs first issued in 1936 SSNS
It has little foliage BONSAI
It might make pupils shrink TEST
Kevin of 'Weeds' NEALON
LaBeouf of 'Eagle Eye' SHIA
Lacking range ONENOTE
Lamb tenders EWES
Large ray MTA
Largest human gland LIVER
Leigh Hunt poem 'Abou Ben ___' ADHEM
Make a mess of MGLE
Many a nametag STICKON
Mess up messages GARBLE
Mexicali setting BAJA
Mil. branch in the Dept. of Homeland Security USCG
Miniature hourglass EGGTIMER
More than just ask DEMD
Not worth ___ ASOU
Observation ESPIAL
Old sneaker feature ODOR
Outfits GETUPS
Outlaw BAN
Perfect places EDENS
Pit group: Abbr. ORCH
Profitable Internet business PORNO
Reach a maximum price PEAK
Reduce in force BATE
Reference section staple ALMAC
Response to a pointer ISEEIT
Résumé sender's goal WORK
Ring leader? TORERO
Risk-reducing position HEDGE
Roundabout route DETOUR
Sacred scrolls TORAHS
Satisfies MEETS
Second son ABEL
Shell games? REGATTAS
Singer Corinne Bailey ___ RAE
Singer Stefani GWEN
Slalom makeup ESSES
Small singer WREN
Some 39-Down works ARPS
Song sung by Fred and Ginger in 'Swing Time' AFINEROMCE
Southern city in 1965 headlines SELMA
Spot for some surfers TUBE
Stable mother MARE
Stilton stoolies NARKS
Stock unit HEAD
Struck like a water balloon SPLATTED
Teed off SORE
This, in Toledo ESTA
Title character in Anne Rice's sixth Vampire Chronicles book ARMD
Tool used when the stakes are high? SLEDGE
Treasure ADORE
TV's '___ Haw' HEE
Under any circumstances EVER
Vaccine target TETANUS
Vermont-based mail-order retailer ORVIS
Western lilies SEGOS
Where seconds are important DUEL
Wildcatter's dream GUSHER
Winner of several O. Henry Awards TRUMCAPOTE
Without feeling NUMBLY
Writer of the 'I am stuck on Band-Aid' jingle BARRYMILOW
Writer who appeared in a 2004 'Gilmore Girls' episode NORMMAILER
Yahoo BOOR
You see right through it LENS
Zola's declaration IACCUSE
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