How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 21 2016

'Anne of Green Gables' town AVONLEA
'Excuse me?' BEGPARDON
'Little Shop of Horrors' lyricist Howard ASHMAN
'Not ___ out of you!' APEEP
'Nuts!' DARN
'Same here' METOO
'Singin' in the Rain' studio MGM
'The General' star KEATON
'The Toys of Peace' writer SAKI
Abattoir scraps OFFAL
Act up a storm EMOTE
Aforementioned SAID
Aids for walking tall STILTS
Alicia Keys album '___ Am' ASI
Angels and Devils TEAMS
Applicant's aim JOB
Assigned position SEED
Bid 'one club,' e.g OPEN
Book maker PRESS
Bull session? RODEO
Capital 600 miles west of Canberra ADELAIDE
Capitol Bldg. VIP SEN
Capitol Bldg. VIP REP
Carpenters' hits? NAILS
Carte blanche offer NAMEIT
City and province of northern Italy FERRARA
City at the mouth of the Yodo River OSAKA
Clandestine meeting TRYST
Class figure found in the middle of nine Across answers GPA
Clouded leopard's habitat ASIA
Collection of miscellany ANA
Come home low SLIDEIN
Counterfeiter's foil TMAN
Cowboys' home, familiarly BIGD
Cruise stop ISLE
Cry of exasperation AARGH
Cyberjunk SPAM
Dadaist Jean ARP
Declining to draw STANDINGPAT
Deposit in some banks ORE
Designer of the Statue of Liberty's skeleton EIFFEL
Diamond, to Mohs TEN
Director Kazan ELIA
Egyptian viper ASP
Encouragement for the matador OLE
Enterprise competitor AVIS
Enthusiastic spirit ELAN
Essence GIST
Executor's focus ESTATE
Fast break? EASTER
Fictional curmudgeon SCROOGE
Flicker food ANTS
Food thickener AGAR
Fragrant compounds ESTERS
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' director MEL
General direction? ATEASE
German crowd? DREI
Goes after ATTACKS
Gridiron marking YARDLINE
Guerrilla's garb, for short CAMO
Hardly an Olympic swimming stroke DOGPADDLE
Hunter's companion SETTER
IBM PC of the 1990s APTIVA
In all of history EVER
In itself PERSE
It's located in the Tyrrhenian Sea ELBA
Jazz group: Abbr NBA
Kia model OPTIMA
King Arthur's resting place AVALON
Kitchen scrubber SOSPAD
Look sullen POUT
Major work OPUS
Manual reader USER
Mark for removal DELE
Meddlesome sort YENTA
Meeting record MINUTES
Moonbeam McSwine's creator ALCAPP
Musical Pop IGGY
Narc's discovery, often DRUGPARAPHERNALIA
Noisy disturbance RUMPUS
Noisy disturbance DIN
Not falling behind KEEPINGPACE
Not talking to, perhaps MADAT
Not traded on NYSE, maybe OTC
Off-roader, for short ATV
Old marketplaces AGORAS
Opposition member FOE
Orchestra group CELLOS
Org. that makes draft choices SSS
Org. with a Gerald R. Ford Award NCAA
Oscar-winning role for Forest IDI
Part of a boxer's repertoire JAB
Pea or peanut LEGUME
Pentel competitor BIC
Period with a top and bottom INNING
Piece for Pavarotti ARIA
Planet circled by la Lune TERRE
Premarital affair STAGPARTY
Private agreement? YESSIR
Protein-rich bean SOYA
Protest singer Phil OCHS
Quarterback's call PLAY
Rapper Fiasco LUPE
Reassuring words after a stumble IMOKAY
Recipe direction STIRIN
Refer indirectly ALLUDE
Rent LET
Rosemary, for one HERB
Royals manager Yost NED
Sax sort ALTO
Seasonal quaff NOG
Shocked sound GASP
Sizzling site FRYINGPAN
Small valley DELL
Smuggler's unit KILO
Sniggling catches EELS
Spillane's '___ Jury' ITHE
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta' REA
Stiff drink BELT
Stray from the course DEVIATE
Sun. deliveries SERS
Take down ___ (humble) APEG
Texas A&M athletes AGGIES
The Y, e.g ASSN
Thermos for mothers, e.g.: Abbr ANAG
They may be drawn BLINDS
Trattoria treats GELATI
Turning points CRISES
Twister component SPINNER
Unlikely mixer attendee LONER
Want badly ACHEFOR
Was moved by PITIED
Where you might see a 78-foot-long Kermit the Frog THANKSGIVINGPARADE
Wine, e.g DEEPRED
Winter airport supply DEICER
___ empty stomach ONAN
___ Fein SINN
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