How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 13 2017

'As ___ and breathe!' ILIVE
'Beau ___' GESTE
'Little Women' woman BETH
'Rule Britannia' composer ARNE
'Survivor' group TRIBE
'We are such stuff as dreams are made on' speaker PROSPERO
'Where ___' (Rodgers and Hart song) ORWHEN
'___ a Kind of Hush' (hit for Herman's Hermits) THERES
Abandonment NEGLECT
Acts petty toward SPITES
Antismoking org AMA
Appease with a bit of seafood? THROWABALONETO
Ascetic of old ESSENE
Astros cap feature STAR
Baseball team with nerves of steel? NEWYORKMETALS
Basic batteries DRYCELLS
Be honest LEVEL
Became stronger WAXED
Begin wedding planning SETADATE
British university city LEEDS
Bud holder, perhaps KEG
Butler's last word DAMN
Change color, perhaps RIPEN
Clan emblem TOTEM
Clark's boyhood girlfriend LANA
Cooler heads? WARDENS
Cover version of a Tennessee Ernie Ford hit by the Eagles? SIXTEENTALONS
Critical asset TASTE
Derisive reaction SNEER
Desire AIM
Desire YEN
Desire WANT
Diet-destroying dessert TORTE
Directors' group BOARD
Dolphin's cousin ORCA
Drainage area BASIN
Eager, informally RARIN
Eau de parfum from Chanel COCO
Emily Dickinson's home AMHERST
End-of-term ordeals for a school of fish? SHARKFINALS
Existed WAS
Fa follower SOL
Fastidious NEAT
FDR work relief program CCC
Fine food PUREE
Freeway byproduct SMOG
Frequent flyer BIRD
Garbage truck output ODOR
Get rid of TOSS
Give hope to HEARTEN
Gizmo with a circular end CORER
Got together MET
Great amount SCAD
H in Heraklion ETA
Hair-raising tale by D.H. Lawrence? SALONSANDLOVERS
Hawker's accomplice SHILL
He sparred with Olivier in 'Sleuth' CAINE
He steals from Smaug BILBO
He's got his pride LION
Heraklion location CRETE
Hersey's 'A Bell for ___' ADANO
Hold highly ESTEEM
Insignificant bit MOTE
Interminable wait EON
Is inclined LISTS
It merged with the CIO in 1955 AFL
It recognized Isr. in 1993 PLO
Jaw-dropped state AWE
Julia's role on 'Seinfeld' ELAINE
Justice Gorsuch NEIL
Keats's '___ Apollo' ODETO
Less cramped AIRIER
Literary sister of Olga and Masha IRINA
Long-armed simian ORANG
Lucy's pal ETHEL
Made reparation ATONED
Makeup of some Santa Fe buildings ADOBE
Materialize EMERGE
Mellifluous DULCET
Merle Haggard's '___ Beautiful Time' IHADA
Most competent ABLEST
Mud dauber, e.g WASP
Naval cadet MIDDIE
Necessitate ENTAIL
Not at home, in a way ABROAD
Not nude CLAD
Official lang. of Liberia ENG
Oscar-winning film and Emmy-winning TV series FARGO
Out of breath GASPING
Painter Magritte RENE
Partridge family COVEY
Passover repasts SEDERS
Paul of 'Hollywood Squares' LYNDE
Peabrain IDIOT
Pianist Claudio ARRAU
Plow puller TRACTOR
Pricey autos that are charged TESLAS
Prickly plants NETTLES
Put up HANG
Put ___ act ONAN
Questioning syllables EHS
Reagan's first secretary of state HAIG
Rooftop sound COO
Rouen's river SEINE
Rub the wrong way RILE
Rumpelstiltskin's supply STRAW
Safari sightings RHINOS
Samurai sword training KENDO
Sanctions OKS
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Settle for the night ROOST
Shaq's appeal for a breather? ONEALMOMENT
Shaw and Lange ARTIES
Shelter for the future IRA
Show sorrow CRY
Shrub with aromatic leaves BAY
Soprano Sumac YMA
Sound evoked by a rodent EEK
Space-going chimp of 1961 ENOS
Spots for mammoth weddings? ALTARPITS
Steamed IRATE
Steinbeck novel about nasty fellows? OFMALICEANDMEN
Strong competitor SEED
Struck with a hammer PEENED
Subject of some Ovid poems AMOR
Surg. sites ORS
Tati's Monsieur HULOT
To be, to Brutus ESSE
Underlying principle of the universe TAO
Way cool RAD
Weighed down LADEN
Western wolves LOBOS
Where a tour would take all day? ATASNAILSPALACE
Wii U maker NINTENDO
Words with earliest or least ATTHE
Zest source PEEL
___ B'rith BNAI
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