How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 29 2010

A boy like that who'd kill your brother singer ANITA
A Dog of Flanders writer OUIDA
A Serious Man filmmakers COENS
A size smaller, say SLIMMER
Agree with, tacitly NODAT
Al Aaraaf writer POE
All there SANE
American Idol contestants, to Randy DAWGS
Ancient ascetic ESSENE
Appalling DIRE
Based on ___ story ATRUE
Ben-Hur, for a time SLAVE
Bob Marley song ONELOVE
Bracing BRISK
Brainstorm for a Halloween hag's to-do list? RIDEABROOMSTICK
Brainstorm for a much-loved treasure? PRIDEANDJOY
Brainstorm for a small apartment? HIDEAWAYBED
Brainstorm for an altared state? BRIDEANDGROOM
Brainstorm for an opposition resolution? DECIDEAGAINST
Brainstorm for Elantra shoppers? HYUNDAIDEALERS
Brainstorm for Hall of Famer Walter Johnson? SIDEARMPITCHES
Brainstorm for photographers? WIDEANGLELENSES
Brainstorm found in the long answers IDEA
Cal. column TUE
Candlestick Park squad NINERS
Car with a 'horse collar' grille EDSEL
Carpet fiber ISTLE
Cartoonish shriek EEK
China's Sun ___ YATSEN
China's Zhou ___ ENLAI
City area, informally URB
Clinically clean STERILE
Co-star of Tina, Alec and Jane TRACY
College delivery LECTURE
Comic's offering BIT
Company whose name comes from the Danish for 'play well' LEGO
Compost heap wriggler REDWORM
Count on both hands TEN
Counter offer SODA
Cow part UDDER
CPO's org. USN
Curry of 'Today' ANN
Curve over a vowel BREVE
Denouements ENDINGS
Dies ___ (medieval hymn) IRAE
Dispirited LOW
Do some waiting SERVE
Draft org. SSS
Draw ___ on (aim at) ABEAD
Duke and NC State are in it ACC
Dumas duelist ATHOS
Early hobbyist's computer ALTAIR
Fast to excess STARVE
Female seer SIBYL
Fliers of myth ROCS
Flipper's request CALLIT
Flummoxed ATSEA
Fly feller SWATTER
For any amount of money ONABET
Furtive whisper PSST
Galvanic cell part ANODE
Garfield's girlfriend ARLENE
Gold-medal skater Kulik ILIA
Google's photo-organizing application PICASA
Got on AGED
Green stones JADES
Here, in Juárez ACA
Holes in your head SINUSES
Hooey ROT
Icicle setting EAVE
Idle fancy CHIMERA
In the vicinity ABOUT
Insubstantial WISPISH
It comes to a head BEER
It's about a foot long SHOE
Joint account sharers SPOUSES
Jr.'s jr. III
Knight ___ (former newspaper publisher) RIDDER
Kubrick film, in old Rome? MMI
Lake ___ Vista (Disney World setting) BUENA
Latvia letters, once SSR
Lead-in to much INAS
Let's just leave ___ that ITAT
Like some old banks DIECAST
Loaded DRUNK
Lose strength DIEDOWN
Meals with matzo SEDERS
Miami-to-New York dir. NNE
Mild cheese TILSIT
Mix of genre films TOM
Most zonked TIREDEST
Much-criticized org. in 2005 FEMA
Nationality indicator ENSIGN
Nuisance PEST
One may be responsible for many banks SNOWPLOW
One of ___ AKIND
Penn rival CORNELL
Player of Mr. Chips DONAT
Pool division LANE
Price's place TAG
Print measures ENS
Puff the Magic Dragon's land HONALEE
Punster's reward GROAN
Repulsive sort CREEP
Resulted in LEDTO
Returned, like some pigeons HOMED
Rights gp. ACLU
Royal Arabian EMEER
Salad base ROMAINE
Seek redress from SUE
She played Carmela EDIE
Size above med. LGE
Smoke Rings lyricist Washington NED
Sold (out) RATTED
Star quality GLAMOR
Stared in disbelief GAPED
Start of a drive TEE
Suffix with glob ULE
Supported the team CHEERED
The Barrel-Organ poet NOYES
The ravages of time WEAR
Trite saying SAW
TV Chihuahua REN
TV series set at Sacred Heart Hospital SCRUBS
Unreason FOLLY
UPS deliveries PKGS
Utterly ridiculous ASININE
Voracious eel MORAY
Wags a finger at CHIDES
Wayfarers' stops INNS
Where 'amo, amas, amat' is taught LATINI
Work out the wrinkles IRON
Writer Rand AYN
WWII female enlistee WAC
Yellowstone's Steamboat, for one GEYSER
Yes man's specialty ECHOING
___-Magnon CRO
___-Pitch SLO
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