How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Dec 19 2007

'A Passage to India' doctor AZIZ
'Butterfield 8' author OHARA
'__ Na Na' SHA
1993 Peace Prize winner MANDELA
A deadly sin ENVY
Acclivity SLOPE
Actress Blanchett CATE
Actress Ullmann LIV
Actress Zadora PIA
Affording protection SAFE
Algerian governor DEY
Attendee GOER
Awful DIRE
Be dependent RELY
Blacksmith's block ANVIL
Bold outlaw DESPERADO
Central artery AORTA
Chiromancer PALMIST
Chocolate substitute CAROB
Columbus, for one GENOESE
Commotion STIR
Complete TOTAL
Conjoin ABUT
Corn bread PONE
Country on the Gulf of Guinea GABON
Courted WOOED
Danger PERIL
Diminished DECREASED
Diving bird LOON
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Drop out, in poker FOLD
Finito DONE
Gangsters' guns GATS
Gazed intently STARED
Great success SMASH
Habituate INURE
Hit with a stun gun ZAP
Hound DOG
Lincoln ABE
Lions family PRIDE
Lunar landscape features CRATERS
Move without attracting notice SLIP
Necklace fastener CLASP
Newspaper chiefs EDITORS
Nickel partner DIME
Nicolas of 'Con Air' CAGE
Nothing ZERO
Novelist Nin ANAIS
Polish partner SPIT
Pool exercise SWIM
Predicament HOLE
Punch SOCK
Put on, as a show STAGE
Royal residence PALACE
Shoots the breeze GABS
Single-masted vessel SLOOP
Sinn __ FEIN
Skilled craftsman ARTIFICER
Skywalker mentor YODA
Slows down RETARDS
Star Wars, initially SDI
Taj __ MAHAL
They're fit to be tied LACES
Three in Hamburg DREI
Untidy MESSY
Veer out of control SKID
Villain, slangily BADDY
Was compelled HADTO
Where Samson was held captive GAZA
Wind into spirals COIL
__-Coburg-Gotha SAXE
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