How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Nov 03 2010

'Bomb, Bomb ___' ('Barbara Ann' parody sung by John McCain) IRAN
'Ditto' IDOTOO
'Do it now!' ASAP
'Hasta ___!' LUEGO
'Here comes the bad news ...' IFEAR
'La ___ Bonita' (1987 Madonna hit) ISLA
'Lost' castaway John LOCKE
'Parker Spitzer' channel (better run this clue before it gets cancelled) CNN
'You're killing me,' in texts LOL
'___ in the place where you live' (R.E.M. lyric) STAND
Abstract artist Wassily KANDINSKY
Accounts head, for short CFO
Actress Gershon of 'Cocktail' GINA
Affliction of the eye STYE
Agave fiber ISTLE
Animal Collective singer Avey TARE
Antipasto ingredient OLIVE
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g. ESPY
Attorney General Holder ERIC
Banned chemicals still found in the environment PCBS
Bean shape KIDNEY
Beatnik's bro DADDYO
Brett Favre's sexting picture, e.g.? DIRECTSNAP
C.I.A.'s predecessor OSS
Certain hardwood TEAK
Chinese restaurant decorations PAGODAS
Come out on top WIN
Deadly virus EBOLA
Devils Tower, e.g.: Abbr. MTN
Dwelling that often has fees CONDO
Exile site for Napoleon ELBA
Favre picture feature? LOOSEBALL
Fish and chips fish COD
Fish wrap spread AIOLI
Flatware company named after an indian tribe ONEIDA
Full of oneself VAIN
Gold measurement CARAT
Gym unit REP
Handyman's letters DIY
Heaps ALOT
I and I TWO
In a casual way IDLY
Instrument for Ornette ALTOSAX
IT department's purview LAN
It goes around in winter FLUBUG
Its slogan is 'Great Faces. Great Places.': Abbr. SDAK
Just like ALA
Leia's do BUN
Letters on the indexing of all Matador Records releases OLE
Like every other number ODD
Like some enchanted evenings MOONLIT
Movie pothead KUMAR
Mug competitor DADS
Murder mystery prop CORPSE
Nos. after nos. EXTS
NPR regulator FCC
One doing time CON
One may shoot someone after getting fired GUN
Peet's container URN
Possible description of the number/appearance of the last Favre picture? THIRDANDLONG
Presidential power VETO
Répondez ___ vous plaît SIL
Rite Aid rival CVS
Sch. where Better Than Ezra formed LSU
Site with YouTube clips VIDEOBLOG
Spring clock adjustment: Abbr. DST
String on a toy KITETAIL
T-shirt words, perhaps SLOGANS
Tacky e-mail attachment CLIPART
The 'A' in ETA: Abbr. ARR
Turkey neighbor? YAMS
Very arid BONEDRY
What each picture was, literally? SCREENPASS
What Favre hoped Jenn Sterger would be upon seeing his pictures? OPENRECEIVER
Wheat alternative RYE
Zangief's country in 'Street Fighter II' USSR
___ center REC
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