How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Jan 13 2010

'Absolutely!' YESYES
'Double Dare' stuff SLIME
'Firecracker' singer Lisa LOEB
'Good one' HAHA
'Them's the breaks,' more formally ALAS
'To Tell The Truth' group PANEL
'___ kleine Nachtmusik' EINE
Adroit ABLE
Adroit DEFT
Animal who took three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop OWL
Annual puzzle event that begins this year on 1/15/10 MITMYSTERYHUNT
Bartender in 'Gunsmoke' or 'Cheers' SAM
Big name in veggie burgers BOCA
Cards that would win you the hand, in poker OUTS
Carl's character in 'Ocean's Eleven' SAUL
Chain store that sells baseball caps LIDS
Change (and the objects players try to find each year in the 39-Across) COINS
Character chased in educational computer games (and the 1999 theme of the 39-Across) CARMENSANDIEGO
Cinematic portrait of 'The Artist' as a young man PURPLERAIN
Comes back with a vengeance RESURGES
Corporation in a 2002 scandal TYCO
Delights JOYS
Descriptor for longish pants CAPRI
Distraction for the dogs in 'Up' SQUIRREL
DJ Rick who owns rick.com DEES
End ___ USER
ESPN anchor known for conferring silly nicknames BERMAN
Falls off EBBS
Finishes off in shop, say SANDS
Get by, as a defenseman ELUDE
Haggard GAUNT
Hardly leisurely RAPID
How aviophobes might travel BYTRAIN
How vegetables may be eaten RAW
It may be measured with alarms CHILI
Its definition is often debated ART
Kid who might move around a lot ARMYBRAT
Leon Uris novel, with 'The' HAJ
Like much morning cereal OATEN
Like the pictures on icanhascheezburger.com CUTE
Musical finale CODA
Notorious fiddler NERO
Obey the dentist, perhaps SPIT
Org. concerned with workplace injuries OSHA
Place explored in a 1999 film (and the 2003 theme of the 39-Across) THEMATRIX
Prefix for an automaton ROBO
Prefix pertaining to peculiarity IDIO
Problem-free effort EASYTIME
Puerto Rican pet GATO
R&B singer with 'I Like the Crotch on You' RKELLY
Raise the interest of ENTICE
Ramirez of the 8-Down ALEXEI
Russell of 'Waitress' KERI
Sans-___ (font type) SERIF
Sicilian peak popular in crosswords ETNA
Sought-after object in medieval tales (and the 1993 theme of the 39-Across) HOLYGRAIL
Speak indecipherably, perhaps MUMBLE
Spouse, in bar conversations THEMRS
Spreadable cheese BRIE
Start for a sculptor SLAB
Start of a prehistoric yell? YABBA
T-___ (noted Auto-Tune user) PAIN
Temptress SEXPOT
They may be smashed or split ATOMS
Toto's creator BAUM
Transmits again, as an e-mail RESENDS
Troubadour's instruments LUTES
Two-dimensional meas. SQIN
Wapner's workload CASES
White ___ SOX
['Hell if I know'] SHRUG
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