How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Apr 04 2010

"... and goes out like ---" ALAMB
"Amadeus" star HULCE
"Bell, Book and Candle" director Richard QUINE
"CSI" concern DNA
"Evita" role CHE
"Farewell to Manzanar"'s McCarthy NOBU
"I --- the end of my rope" AMAT
"Inter" --- ALIA
"Omigosh!" YIPES
"Sister Act" attire HABIT
--- self-defense ACTIN
Ages on end EONS
Aid in illegality ABET
Ancient characters RUNES
Ang and Spike LEES
Banjoist Fleck BELA
Bellatrix's constellation ORION
Berth place PIER
Big chicken ROASTER
Break ground HOE
Brewster of "Criminal Minds" PAGET
Brit sitcom, briefly ABFAB
Bucolic RURAL
Burdens ONUSES
Byron's "before" ERE
Camembert kin BRIE
Candy or McCain JOHN
City on the Ocmulgee MACON
Coll. sr.'s test GRE
Compulsion to waste stuff? SQUANDERLUST
Coop call CLUCK
Cosby's "I Spy" costar CULP
Crash pad in Cambodia? ANGKORSQUAT
Dawn deity EOS
Different ending? IAL
Disco dance HUSTLE
Do up an Adidas LACE
Drive time RUSHHOUR
Ecuador's capital QUITO
Eggs OVA
Enjoyed with zest RELISHED
Feedbag bit OAT
Feel off AIL
Felt sorry about RUED
Fiscal yr. pt. QTR
Fish feature FIN
Fogg's creator VERNE
From the top ANEW
Fundraising fetes GALAS
Gain back, as trust REEARN
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
Good listeners EARS
Grammy winner Jones NORAH
Half cracked? AJAR
Having a Havana SMOKING
Hawker's pitch SPIEL
Hearing setting COURT
Heep of literature URIAH
Herman's Hermits frontman NOONE
Hold the throne REIGN
Hoops gp. NBA
Icarus, to Daedalus SON
In-N-Out offering BURGER
Indy champ Tom SNEVA
Internal storm? HEARTSQUALL
It goes after status QUO
Jarry's "roi" UBU
Jeremy's "Entourage" role ARI
Jewish wedding words MAZELTOV
Journalist Weymouth LALLY
Kawasaki competitor YAMAHA
Leaning BIAS
Like a lawn at dawn DEWY
Make tracks HURRY
Mandolins' kin LUTES
Mishandles ABUSES
Monopoly 4some RRS
More likely SURER
Motion of the ocean TIDE
Mouth, to Marceau BOUCHE
Moveable feast? TAKEOUT
Music's Rankin or Rogers KENNY
Native Alaskan ALEUT
Nina of "I Love a Mystery" FOCH
Nod neighbor EDEN
North Carolina campus ELON
Parcel (out) METE
Pickling potion BRINE
Pins in pants LEGS
Plato, for one ATHENIAN
Play money ANTE
Potential oak ACORN
Prompt URGE
Psych up ENTHUSE
PX patrons GIS
Result of botched joint surgery? SQUEAKINTHEKNEES
Rooms at the inn SUITE
Runaway of rhyme SPOON
Sanctify BLESS
Say it isn't so DENY
Scand. land NOR
Scornful looks SNEERS
Shakespeare play about myopia? THESQUINTERSTALE
Sickish QUEASY
Some nobles EARLS
Spielberg title ship AMISTAD
Spongelike SQUISHY
Spring bloomer AZALEA
Springsteen sobriquet THEBOSS
Steak cut TBONE
Stout server PUB
Straight route BEELINE
Tender ender NESS
Terra farma? SOIL
That girl SHE
The Cars' Ocasek RIC
They fought the Blues REBS
Tiny toiler ANT
Treasury Department staff? SQUADOFMONEY
Turow title ONEL
TV pioneer Kovacs ERNIE
Twin of Romulus REMUS
Underworld figure OSIRIS
Verdi opera ERNANI
VIPs of the desert SHEIKS
Walk over STEPON
Walked the floor PACED
Water under the "ponte" ACQUA
White on "Wheel ..." VANNA
Who, to Camus QUI
Width ltrs. EEE
Works in the Uffizi ARTE
Wrecking yard prop? SQUASHINGMACHINE
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