How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Feb 08 2009

"... I'll tell you ___" NOLIES
"Adam's ___" RIB
"And how" BUTGOOD
"Star Wars" boutique that encourages browsing? TAKEALUKEAROUND
"Star Wars" boutique that lets you put down a deposit? THELEIAWAYSTORE
"Star Wars" boutique that sells really large costumes? YOUVEGOTABIGJABBAHEAD
"Star Wars" stationery store? THEHANVELOPE
"Star Wars" store that sells short, furry, and very lifelike action figures? EWOKSETOKS
"Star Wars" store with sinister-looking collectibles? OBJETDARTH
"Star Wars" superstore with low, low prices? LANDOBARGAINS
"Truman," e.g. BIO
"What?" HUH
"___ am I?" WHERE
"___ Dying" ASILAY
"___ first you don't ..." IFAT
"___ got it!" IVE
"___ never work" ITLL
20 percent of the atmosphere OXYGEN
27th president's inits. WHT
A second time AGAIN
A single one ANY
Abbr. after Charles Robb's name when he was a sen. DVA
Actor Harrison REX
Actor Howard TREVOR
Actor Rossano BRAZZI
Actor Wallach ELI
Actress Garson GREER
Adhere closely CLEAVE
Affirming vote AYE
All in SPENT
Always, to a poet EER
Atlanta station TBS
Bean type LIMA
Bee's concern OPIE
Blood-typing system ABO
Bright students' org. NHS
Campus in the Padres' city: abbr. SDSU
Caustic cleaner LYE
Cobbler alternative PIE
Confederacy foe UNION
Contents of some kegs ALE
Corn throwaway COB
Correct a text EMEND
Dawn goddess EOS
Decorates ADORNS
Deteriorates ERODES
Digital displays LEDS
Doing UPTO
Dors and Ross DIANAS
Dress edge HEM
Drink with sushi SAKE
Electrical unit AMPERE
Emerald cousins BERYLS
Employees flash them to get in IDCARDS
Enjoy Aspen SKI
Erstwhile streaker to England SST
Fact-checker's cry AHA
Faxed SENT
First name of a "Jeopardy!" whiz KEN
Fox trot kin TWOSTEP
From scratch ANEW
Game participant PLAYER
Gangster's girl MOLL
Gets sleepy NODS
Girl's name INEZ
Give another title to RENAME
Glimpsed SEEN
Go bad ROT
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Greek letter ETA
Gridder-turned-politician Jack KEMP
Guys' patriotic org. SAR
Henry's sixth wife PARR
Hit the sack RETIRE
Hornswoggled HAD
In ___ (bewildered) ADAZE
Jamie of "M*A*S*H" FARR
Jockey Turcotte RON
Knave of Hearts theft TARTS
Last act END
Lawyers' org. ABA
Libation privation THIRST
Lime follower ADE
Literary work ESSAY
Main role LEAD
Maker of cloth, once DRAPER
Man ___ (famous track star) OWAR
Mil. rank MAJ
Mistreat ABUSE
N.Y.C. wagering sign OTB
New Haven school YALE
Nissan model ALTIMA
Old Brit. gold coin SOV
Outback denizens, for short ROOS
Palindromic Burmese statesman UNU
Part of the fam. REL
Party thrower's request RSVP
Pasolini's patria ITALIA
Pelé's first name (anagram of NODES) EDSON
Permit LET
Poem of praise ODE
Porter tune, "You're ___" THETOP
Potato bud EYE
Put out quickly DOUSE
Putting on (clothes) DONNING
Queequeg's boss and Jezebel's husband AHABS
Saying ADAGE
Sci-fi weaponry LASERS
Screw up royally BOTCH
Senegal's capital DAKAR
Slangy sailor TAR
Soaking place SPA
Source of beeps PAGER
Spanish uncle TIO
Stewed dudes SOTS
Store remains INURN
Stuff in cells RNA
Superior and Municipal, for ex. CTS
Tailor's concern FIT
The "Star Wars" Big and Hairy Men's Shop? WOOKIEEHERE
This way HITHER
Tire baldness, e.g. WEAR
TV home of "Wayne's World" SNL
Wagering words ITSABET
Western OATER
Westernmost Aleutian ATTU
Where "Star Wars" fans buy their "wise old gnome" dolls? TOYYODADEALER
Wild plums SLOES
With 97 Across, "Star Wars" store that sells robots? KIDSRCOOLAND
Word on a door MEN
Wriggly swimmer EEL
Young demons IMPS
Zhivago's love LARA
___ choy BOK
___ Dhabi ABU
___ Mahal TAJ
___ the vine (languish) DIEON
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