How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 22 1999

'Anyone home?' YOOHOO
'Hollywood Squares' square TAC
'The mother of corruption': Montaigne IDLENESS
1978-80 F.B.I. investigation ABSCAM
Attempt to impress, as in conversation NAMEDROP
Badgered RODE
Basic bingo item CARD
Best or Ferber EDNA
Box-spring support SLAT
Boys in the 'hood BROS
Broadcast BEAMED
Cagney portrayal in 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' COHAN
Champs' cry WEWON
Deepest INMOST
Dwight's opponent ADLAI
Early P.M. AFT
Electrifying speech ROUSER
Fellow panelist COJUROR
Fictional Interpol agent MRMOTO
Former White House daughter AMY
Front wheel alignment for cars TOEIN
Furry 'Star Wars' creature EWOK
Gal of song SAL
Graven images IDOLS
Idiosyncratic ODD
Inc., abroad LTD
Knighted actor McKellen IAN
Last word in a threat ELSE
Loos WCS
Makers of calls REFS
Member of a loyal order MOOSE
More into fads TRENDIER
Nation since 1948: Abbr. ISR
New York's most populous upstate county ERIE
Nontheoretical athlete? PRACTICALJOCK.
North Carolina college ELON
Olympic skater Witt KATARINA
Out group NERDS
Pantomimes ACTSOUT
Paper quantity QUIRE
Part of a refrain, maybe TRALA
Pay to play ANTE
Perfume quantity OUNCE
Pigeon dish SQUAB
Poses SITS
Province north of Mont. SASK
Punch SOCK
Rapt states TRANCES
Reads a bar code SCANS
Revealing, as a dress LOWCUT
Rooters FANS
Rough house LEANTO
San Francisco's ___ Hill NOB
Some Feds TMEN
Somersault FLIP
Spoon-playing site KNEE
Spread open UNROLL
Sri Lankan export PEKOETEA
Stretched to the limit TENSEST
Sweeping shot PAN
Teem (with) CRAWL
Two-striper CORPORAL
U.S. 1, e.g. RTE
Unhampered by FREEOF
Unpleasant fusses STINKS
W.W. II menace UBOAT
What an artist needs for a self-portrait? SMOCKANDMIRRORS
Where legislators pass the time? SENATECLOCKROOM
William Tell's canton URI
___ time or another ATONE
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