How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 28 2007

'À la Recherche du Temps Perdu' author PROUST
'And tonight's guest is ... Ann!'? YOUREGETTINGCOULTER
'Helping doctors help patients' org. AMA
'Just ___!' ASEC
'The Galloping Gourmet' host Graham KERR
'What did Bill do to earn this check, anyway?'? WHYPAYMAHER
'___ time' ITS
1960 Pirates World Series hero, familiarly MAZ
1977 double-platinum Steely Dan album AJA
2007 Hall of Fame inductee Ripken CAL
A synthetic POLYESTER
A.F.L.'s partner CIO
Action figure? DOER
Ages and ages EONS
Ajman's home: Abbr. UAE
Al's impressions? FRANKENSENSE
Andrea ___ DORIA
Arizona state flowers SAGUAROS
As a friend, in France ENAMI
Authors' list ender ETAL
Be a benefactor DOGOOD
Beginning of a noted political admonition ASKNOT
Bill's biography? LIFEOFOREILLY
Black pride cut, informally FRO
Boo-boo SLIP
Boring BLAH
Capital of Lorraine METZ
Carded IDED
Carnatic pieces RAGAS
Chem. unit MOL
Clock div. MIN
Clooney or Rooney FILMSTAR
Comes after ENSUES
Corn product OIL
Cut-up HAM
Dance like Rush? DOTHELIMBAUGH
Deplorable SAD
Deutsch article DER
Disconcert RATTLE
Don's parting words? IMUSBEOFFNOW
Ex-Yankee Hideki IRABU
First name in beauty products ESTEE
Flair, e.g. PEN
Flavorful seed source DILL
Frequent end of an anniversary toast MANYMORE
Ger. neighbor BEL
Go postal SNAP
Half of an athletic pair SNEAKER
Have a bawl SOB
Hawaiian staple vegetables TAROS
Hgts. ALTS
High ___ JINKS
Hoffman who once backed a pig for president ABBIE
Illustrator Silverstein SHEL
It might make you sick GERM
Japanese apples named for a mountain FUJIS
Jarhead's rank: Abbr. PFC
Joe Louis Arena team REDWINGS
Judd of 'Numb3rs' HIRSCH
Kids may take them to school in boxes JUICES
Laughs heartily HOWLS
Laughs heartily ROARS
Like baseball shoes CLEATED
Like Bollywood films INDIAN
Like human vision BINOCULAR
Like the era of highest sheet music sales PRERADIO
Litter cry YIP
Lonely trucker, perhaps CBER
Look like a creep? LEER
Lou Gehrig's disease: Abbr. ALS
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Magazine exec in a robe, familiarly HEF
Mantel piece URN
Many a fed. holiday MON
Material for a whitesmith TIN
Mer filler EAU
Mushroom with an umbrella cap AGARIC
Natural riser HEAT
Number revealer CALLERID
Old English bard SCOP
Overhang EAVE
Partner of kissed MADEUP
PBS supporter NEA
Pedicab alternative CYCLO
Phoning Phil and hanging up immediately? DONAHUEDARE
Pirate spirits RUMS
Position in a rhythm band MARACAS
Power-driven shop tool BURR
Presidential candidate born in Hawaii OBAMA
Protected by law VESTED
Qualifying round, informally PRELIM
Rabbi's instrument SHOFAR
Rags' opposite RICHES
Reaction to pepper, maybe SNEEZE
Red Rose PETE
Riga resident LETT
Roman symbol of power FASCES
Seconded ECHOED
See 90-Down EMPIRE
Sequel's sequel III
Set before V RSTU
Set of Web pages SITE
Sheet material LINEN
Singer Braxton TONI
Snicker syllable HEE
Some 'CSI' figs. DETS
Some seal hunters ALEUTS
Spinning AREEL
Style with dark clothes and heavy eyeliner GOTH
Sum in English IAM
Sunday delivery: Abbr. SER
The silver screen CINEMA
They may come to une tête IDEES
Tony winner for 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' UTAHAGEN
Triple-header, maybe RAZOR
Unaided perception NAKEDEYE
Vietnam's ___ Dinh Diem NGO
What Astrophysics and Advanced Calculus probably aren't EASYAS
What the puzzlemaker did to the name in each of this puzzle's theme answers? PUNNEDIT
When doubled, a Robin Williams character's catchphrase NANU
Where angels come from ONHIGH
With 89-Down, historic part of NW Europe NORMAN
Word before primaire or secondaire ECOLE
Wrestler Flair famous for the figure four leglock RIC
Writer Steel DANIELLE
Yarn spinners LIARS
___ Lilly ELI
___-X GEN
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