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noun - a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour

noun - an indefinitely short time

noun - a particular point in time


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
This unit can be 1/60 of a degree or 1/60 of an hour
Kraft's tapioca, as well as its rice, has this "timely" brand name
Pronounced one way, this word from the Latin for "to make smaller" means "tiny"; another way, it's a unit of time
60 seconds;extremely small
Possible Dictionary Clues
Send a memorandum to (someone)
Record (the proceedings of a meeting)
An official memorandum authorizing or recommending a course of action.
A summarized record of the proceedings at a meeting.
Extremely small.
A sixtieth of a degree of angular measurement (symbol: )
A period of time equal to sixty seconds or a sixtieth of an hour.
record (the proceedings of a meeting).
send a memorandum to (someone).
an official memorandum authorizing or recommending a course of action.
Geographic Matches
Minute, Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE
Minute description
The minute is a unit of time or angle. As a unit of time, the minute is most of times equal to 160 (the first sexagesimal fraction) of an hour, or 60 seconds. In the UTC time standard, a minute on rare occasions has 61 seconds, a consequence of leap seconds (there is a provision to insert a negative leap second, which would result in a 59-second minute, but this has never happened in more than 40 years under this system). As a unit of angle, the minute of arc is equal to 160 of a degree, or 60 seconds (of arc). Although not an SI unit for either time or angle, the minute is accepted for use with SI units for both. The SI symbols for minute or minutes are min for time measurement, and the prime symbol after a number, e.g. 5, for angle measurement. The prime is also sometimes used informally to denote minutes of time.
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