How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 26 2009

'Give it ___!' AREST
'Solomon and ___,' 1959 biblical epic SHEBA
'Sure, I'm up for it' LETS
'Who is John ___?' (question asked in 'Atlas Shrugged') GALT
'___ of the Bells' (holiday favorite) CAROL
A slowpoke may be asked to pick it up PACE
Bare minimum LEAST
Big diamonds, maybe ACES
Big dos GALAS
Bit of imagination FIGMENT
Called the game REFFED
Clampett patriarch JED
Classic toothpaste name IPANA
Commanded BADE
Commonwealth in Boston, e.g.: Abbr. AVE
Comparable to a fiddle ASFIT
Crossed (out) EXED
Democrats, as a whole THELEFT
Department AREA
Double over JACKKNIFE
Emergency info on a plane EXITS
First step in a series ATOB
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Grinder HERO
Gumbo thickener ROUX
Head of the Egyptian god Thoth IBIS
Highly unlikely to change ROCKSOLID
Human ___ RACE
In the distance AFAR
Incensed LIVID
Introduction of 1927 FELIXTHECAT
Introduction of 1963 ELSIETHECOW
Introduction of 1977 KERMITTHEFROG
Jack or jenny ASS
James Clavell best seller SHOGUN
Letter after Z ETA
Loser of 1948 DEWEY
Marie Osmond's ___ Belle dolls ADORA
Mild cheese EDAM
Molière's 'L'___ des femmes' ECOLE
Nobody ZERO
Not clear FOGGY
Not written ORAL
Observatory subj. ASTR
Online compilations, briefly EMAGS
Paradigms IDEALS
Place for Torah study YESHIVA
Pro, informally FER
Public discussion venues FORA
Push-up muscle, briefly PEC
Rabanne who was the costume designer for 'Barbarella' PACO
See 51-Across MACYS
Skosh TAD
Smelly, as post-workout clothes RIPE
Some casual wear LEVIS
Sound on 'Batman' ZAP
Stammering sounds ERS
Stationer's item ERASER
Studio alert ONAIR
Swipe card alternative KEY
They may be found in a tank GIS
Thoreau's 'On Fields ___ Which the Reaper's Hand Has Pass'd' OER
Time manager's directive? EDIT
Tiny irritant GNAT
Tiny pests FLEAS
Trading letters NYSE
Turkish hostel IMARET
Turn ___ ear ADEAF
Unisex name PAT
Verb with 'thou' HAST
Verbatim LITERAL
What 20-, 31- and 40-Across were each introduced as by 47-Down PARADEBALLOON
Wind in a pit OBOE
___ show RAREE
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