How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 26 2007

'Get out of here!' GOHOME
'That's great news!' YAY
'What ___!' ('It's so dirty!') AMESS
'You don't say!,' after 'Well' IDECLARE
'___ upon a time ...' ONCE
180 degrees from WNW ESE
2004 film 'I Heart ___' HUCKABEES
3-D picture HOLOGRAM
Actor Calhoun RORY
Actress Arthur BEA
Actress Lansbury ANGELA
Auto gizmo that talks, for short GPS
Balls of yarn SKEINS
Bean-filled bag moved with the foot HACKYSACK
Beverages in barrels ALES
Border on ABUT
Bowling alley divisions LANES
Bucharest's land ROMANIA
Burger side order FRIES
Chinese cooking vessel WOK
Chocolate syrup brand BOSCO
Clothing GARB
Comedy club razzer HECKLER
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Dakota ___ (old geog. designation) TERR
Depletes, as strength SAPS
Dress (up) TOG
Early MGM rival RKO
Electric cord's end PLUG
Expire, as a subscription LAPSE
Farm unit ACRE
Fishing pole ROD
Flax-colored GOLDEN
Gather, as information GLEAN
Gives some lip SASSES
Grandmas NANAS
Honor bestowed by Queen Eliz. OBE
Id's counterpart EGO
Insurance co. with a 'spokesduck' AFLAC
iPhone maker APPLE
It's arched above the eye BROW
Kids' ammo BBS
Kind of nut KOLA
Letters before an alias AKA
Like a first-place ribbon BLUE
Like some hams HICKORYSMOKED
Loads ALOT
Oil conveyor PIPELINE
On the briny ASEA
Opposite of fall RISE
Out of ___ (not harmonizing) SYNC
Parts of cars with caps HUBS
Peanut, e.g. LEGUME
Person comparing costs PRICER
Pop artist David HOCKNEY
Postcard sentiment MISSYOU
Prefix with classical NEO
Say 'Do this,' 'Do that' ... blah, blah, blah NAG
Scarecrow's wish in 'The Wizard of Oz' BRAIN
Schindler of 'Schindler's List' OSKAR
Simple EASY
Sombrero, e.g. HAT
Stadium cry RAH
Stand on the hind legs, as a horse REARUP
Statutes LAWS
Subterfuge RUSE
Throwing cream pies and such PRANKS
Use a paper towel WIPEUP
Where dirty dishes pile up SINK
Where Saudis live ARABIA
Wine: Prefix OENO
___ choy (Chinese green) BOK
___ culpa MEA
___ living EARNA
___ rest (bury) LAYTO
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