How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 12 2018

'Star Trek' lieutenant who speaks Swahili uhura
'You wouldn't believe it if I told you' dontask
'___ we can' (2008 campaign slogan) yes
--> or <-- arrow
Act all hoity-toity putonairs
Affordable German car opel
Bandleader Shaw artie
Cain or Abel, to Adam and Eve son
Chumps suckers
Clods oafs
Clothing department with jackets and ties mens
Comment after an amazing fact is stated whoknew
Concorde, e.g., for short sst
Currency unit worth a little more than a dollar euro
Declare something completely finished stickaforkinit
Delete from a manuscript editout
Drops dead keelsover
Drunkard sot
Eagerly expectant agog
Equal to face value atpar
Expression of disgust in Valley Girl-speak gagmewithaspoon
Felipe ___, first Dominican manager in M.L.B. history alou
Garden worker hoer
Giant in streaming video hulu
Give the glad eye ogle
Grp. to call to get a tow aaa
Have surgery goundertheknife
Histories pasts
In ___ of (replacing) lieu
Indian princes rajas
Ingested ate
Inuit shelter: Var iglu
Italian body of water lago
Japanese sashes obis
Les ___-Unis etats
Like music with traditional harmony tonal
Like some noses and egg yolks runny
Listerine competitor scope
Littlest in a litter runt
Longtime 'S.N.L.' cast member Thompson kenan
Lose in a staring contest blink
McEntire known as 'The Queen of Country' reba
Meat in a burger beef
Minor fight scrap
Moo goo gai pan pan wok
Mosquito repellent brand deet
No, in Moscow nyet
Not worth a ___ sou
One-named singer with the 1985 hit 'Smooth Operator' sade
One-named soccer great pele
Org. for the Los Angeles Sparks and New York Liberty wnba
Org. with the longtime leader Wayne LaPierre nra
Panache elan
Pinocchio, notably liar
Pre-Little League game tball
QB's mistake: Abbr int
Request from a dentist open
Residents of a 1968 movie 'planet' apes
School attended by princes William and Harry eton
Self-proclaimed greatest boxer ali
Sexual appetite lust
Show up for negotiations ... or a hint for 20-, 33- and 42-Across cometothetable
Sis's sibling bro
Site with a 'Shop by category' button ebay
Small construction unit? lego
Smiley face with hearts for eyes, e.g emoji
Sour acerb
Spiced tea from the East chai
Tilts cants
Tiny wee
Units of work in physics ergs
Walk in the kiddie pool wade
[LOL] haha
___ Gay (W.W. II plane) enola
___ Island, immigrants' landing spot, once ellis
___ Scotia nova
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