How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 20 1999

A whale of a menace ORCA
Altair or Sirius, astronomically speaking ASTAR
Atlanta-based station TNT
BA or AF plane SST
Backtracking RETURNING
Banister’s end NEWEL
Better FINER
Big name in magazine publishing HEFNER
Center CORE
Certain addition ELL
Certain contracts LEASES
Charged IONIC
Class with dissections: Abbr. ANAT
Digital watch feature: Abbr. LCD
Disputed psych. phenomenon ESP
Elvis’s birthplace TUPELO
End of the quote EXTRADITION
Enemy of the Moor IAGO
Equivalent of 33-Down? AMISS
Event where the twist was done HOP
Fall (to) LOSE
Fit to ___ ATEE
Former Philadelphia Mayor Wilson GOODE
Gets warmer, perhaps NEARS
Gobbled up ATE
Golf ball position LIE
Greek letters XIS
Indian term of respect SAHIB
Items with dials SAFES
Kids’ book character Amelia ___ BEDELIA
Kind of act passed in 1970 CLEANAIR
Kind of band ONEMAN
Kind of bar SUSHI
Leonardo da ___ VINCI
Love, Neapolitan-style AMORE
Lukewarm TEPID
Mother of Apollo LETO
One of a kind NONPAREIL
One of the Gabors EVA
Org. much in economic news IMF
Perpendicular to radial AXIAL
Play for time STALL
Pseudo-convertibles TTOPS
Quote, part 3 RUNTO
Quote, part 5 IWILL
Quote, part 6 FIGHT
Ready for action POISED
Relaxing job SINECURE
Remove SHED
See 51-Down AMILE
Selected CHOSE
Send in REMIT
Silken fabric FAILLE
Singer Bob SEGER
Slower than adagio LENTO
Soup ingredients LENTILS
Stage, as a historical drama REENACT
Start of a quote by Rep. Mo Udall, 1990, regarding the Presidency IFNOMINATED
Sugar suffix OSE
Switch ending EROO
The first X? TIC
Trail LAG
Transmission component GEAR
Tunnel builder ANT
Vermont resort STOWE
Woodland creature TOAD
“Absolutely!” YES
“Eureka!” AHA
“Gang aft ___”: Burns AGLEY
“Turandot” composer PUCCINI
“Who ___?” ISIT
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