How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 23 2014

'Death Magnetic' band METALLICA
'For sure' UHHUH
'How silly of me!' DOH
'It's f-f-freezing!' BRR
'My Name Is ___,' gold album of 1965 BARBRA
'My word!' WOW
'Not ___ shabby!' TOO
'Power' suffix ADE
'Tell me about it!' IKNOW
'The fish that got away' and others YARNS
'___ = Politics' (TV slogan) CNN
100s of ordinary people? IQS
Accessory for the 91-Across HAT
Actor Christian SLATER
Appropriate flowers for Mother's Day? MUMS
Ball player? SEAL
Barak's successor SHARON
Barrel of fun? KEG
Birthplace of Buddha, now NEPAL
Bit of a code DNAMOLECULE
Blues Brothers wear FEDORAS
Bootleggers' banes TMEN
Bring into court SUE
Brow line? ARC
Cabooses TUSHES
Canine FANG
Certain Bach composition MOTET
Cesare Angelotti in 'Tosca,' e.g BASSO
Christmas cookie ingredient NUTMEG
Coin collector JAR
College major, briefly SOC
Combined with CUM
Comic Wanda SYKES
Commercial lead-in to Pen EPI
Couple at the altar? IDOS
Cousin of 'Ugh!' BAH
Crunches crunch them ABS
D.C. mover METRO
D.C. mover and shaker: Abbr SEN
Deli stock with seeds SESAMEBAGELS
Development of 86-Across ... as depicted in the middle of this grid INCANDESCENTLIGHTBULB
Difficult weight ONUS
Director Nicolas ROEG
Dolph of 'Rocky IV' LUNDGREN
Dr. Seuss animal CAT
Drinking binge TOOT
Elite unit ATEAM
End of the comment THATWONTWORK
Eponymous German physicist OHM
Ex-Fed head Bernanke BEN
Exams offered four times a yr LSATS
Expands, in a way ADDSON
Facial moisturizing brand OLAY
Fanatic NUT
Farm mother SOW
Fired on SHOTAT
Five-time Super Bowl champions, informally THENINERS
Food Network host Sandra LEE
French kiss recipient, maybe AMI
Gambling mecca MONACO
Garden State casino, informally, with 'the' TAJ
Geometry fig CIR
German article DER
Good-for-nothing USELESS
Gooey campfire treat SMORE
Guys HES
Had something ATE
Hardly enough SCANT
Hurried HASTY
It gets you off schedule JETLAG
It has paper denominations from 5 to 500 EURO
It may be delayed by a storm: Abbr ETD
Justin Timberlake's 'Cry ___ River' MEA
Law firm department TRUSTS
Lockup CAN
Many an Al Jazeera viewer ARAB
Middle of the comment FOUNDTENTHOUSANDWAYS
More chilling EERIER
Near future OFFING
Nondairy item in the dairy aisle OLEO
Nosedives DROPS
One of two parts of a British puzzle? ZED
One with bills piling up? TELLER
Ones without a leg to stand on? OCTOPI
Osaka-to-Sapporo dir NNE
Outback native EMU
Part of a moving line VAN
Pelican's home, for short NBA
Pi ___, 'Life of Pi' protagonist PATEL
Pioneer org NASA
Pitcher Mike with 270 wins MUSSINA
Place to store hay MOW
Plagues BESETS
Prominent feature of an Obama caricature EAR
Ray Charles hosted it in 1977: Abbr SNL
Record LOG
Relaxed, say SATBACK
Resort city in 1945 news YALTA
Restricted part of an urban area BUSLANE
Rocket SOAR
Saffron-flavored dish PAELLA
Saint's home, for short NFCSOUTH
Scandinavian coin ORE
Security Council veto NON
Sharp pains STABS
Sister of Helios EOS
Small scene SPAT
Some body work, in slang TATS
Stag, maybe ALONE
Start of a motivational comment attributed to 86-Across IHAVENOTFAILEDIVEJUST
Start to show one's real potential BLOSSOM
Starts of news articles LEDES
Sticks in the closet? MOPS
Stockpile SAVEUP
Sunbathing evidence TANLINE
The Durbeyfield girl, in literature TESS
The French way? RUE
Third line on many a ballot: Abbr IND
Throw around STREW
Tight SNUG
Toolbar feature HELP
Travel agency listings SPAS
United Center team CHICAGOBULLS
Update, say AMEND
Utmost: Abbr ULT
Venomous African tree-dweller MAMBA
View that may cost you extra OCEAN
Watering hole for Homer and Barney MOES
What an electric current does not flow through OPENCIRCUIT
World capital on the slope of an active volcano QUITO
Yoga base MAT
Zippo alternatives BICS
[That makes me so uncomfortable] CRINGE
___ of relief SIGH
___ page OPED
___ room REC
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